Mahesh Narayanan

Country Manager – India, LinkedIn

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."- Maya Angelou


EX: Biggest milestone in your life.
HIM: I followed my intuition and quit established firms to go work for three amazing early-stage companies. These three moments, individually and collectively,
have been significant milestones in my professional life.

EX: Book(s) that have influenced your life.
HIM: ‘Steve Jobs’ by Walter Isaacson ‘Zero to One’ by Peter Thiel ‘Shoe Dog’ by Phil Knight.

EX: An unusual app on your smartphone.
HIM: The new note-taking and productivity app, ‘Notion’. I haven’t used a task-keeping app in a long time, but with Notion you can do so much more.

EXThe next product on your tech-wishlist.
HIM: Netatmo’s smart video doorbell that lets you see who is at the door, and answer to visitors via your smartphone.

EX: 3 habits you think are most important in order to be an effective leader.
HIM: Passion, humility and integrity.

EX: The best tech innovation according to you.
HIM:  The iPhone – the first-ever smartphone to be launched on the planet that forever changed what a phone could do, and the way we communicate, share, work, and live.

EXYour ideas and views on sustainable technology
HIM: I have always adopted a sustainable way of life, and believe that India has an opportunity to leapfrog towards an advanced stage of development. We have one of the least wasteful economies in the world, and being conscientious is already in a core value in us.

EX: Your upcoming career goals
HIM: As I navigate my career through a fast-paced digital environment, one single goal feels limiting. My aspiration, however, is to continue to learn, grow, and lead companies that use technology for good, to help improve our personal and professional lives.