Lights Out ! Twitter Shines in Glory

The micro-blogging website Twitter has announced that it is rolling out a new update for the iOS users. The update brings new ‘Lights Out’ feature which claims to make the existing Dark Mode even darker.


Dark Mode transforms the regular blue-and-white version of Twitter into a dark grey-and- blue system, which is much easier on the eyes. The time we spend glued to our social media handles, it was a much needed step.


According to a customer’s complaint, Twitter’s dark theme isn’t really black, but more of a blue-ish shade. On this complain, the CEO of the company Mr. Jack Dorsey replied that’s going to be fixed. Though a seemingly minor tweak, dark mode settings for apps have become increasingly popular as a means of conserving battery life on high-end devices and making it easier for our eyes, especially for the apps we use often for long stretches. The interest in dark themes has grown steadily since Twitter first debuted its own “Night mode” back in mid-2016.



Further with the pixels all turned black, dark modes on apps also help reduce the consumption of a smartphone’s battery, which is better in the long run for users. Going by the reports, even WhatsApp is working on a dark mode for its app, which could also roll out in 2019. Today, a number of sites, apps, and operating systems have started following this trend, offering their own dark modes to users. Reddit, Android Messages, and YouTube all began offering dark modes in 2018, MacOS Mojave also added it to the Mac (though it’ll still need more developer support), and the next version of Android (Android Q) might as well get introduced with a system-wide dark mode for the entire screen of our smartphones.


Dark Mode is the new trend across apps and user interface, given it reduces strain on the eyes by reducing the emission of blue light, which is believed to be much more harmful and also interferes with the sleep pattern.


Third-party Twitter apps, like Tweetbot for iOS, have already embraced a true dark mode and as 2018 proved, the dark mode is a trend that other companies are more than happy to support. Twitter first debuted its not-so-dark dark mode in 2016 and since then, others have also followed this trend.


Activating the dark mode is not really difficult. We are explaining the steps to follow on iOS, as it’s the same for desktop what it used to be for dark mode before. The three simple steps to follow on iOS are

1st step:  Once you open the app, swipe right for opening the Profile Panel and then click on Settings and Privacy.

2nd Step: When the screen opens Settings and Privacy, click on Display and Sound.

3rd Step: In that page, you’ll find a toggle named Dark Mode. You just have to turn it on. After that, you’ll get two additional options listed down, tap on Lights Out. Congratulations, you have now activated the Dark Mode.

To tell you the truth, the difference between the Old Night Mode and the latest Dark Mode is substantial. It’s all blacked out! It’s fortunate that Twitter was prompt enough to take action and give us a proper Dark Mode, as people were already enjoying Facebook’s Dark mode for its messenger app. With FB going stale each day, it’s time to Tweet in the wee hours of the night without hurting your eyes.

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