Lets Recycle And GO GREEN

You would agree that the term “Recycling” is being used more often today and huge credit goes to the booming technology and tech culture of the present day, which has not been very positive towards the environment and our health. We can’t stop ourselves from buying new techs as we all love gadgets and can never have too many of them! Considering this some techies, have come up with the idea of creating recycled tech gadgets where the old products can be put to the right use and make something useful out of it. This is a small initiative from techies, trying to make up for the loss that latest innovations have caused to nature. These products are either made completely out of recycled materials, or they have key components that reused materials. Here are some of the hot picks which are doing a great job by re-using products and serving the purpose well!


With a bunch of bags available in the market that lets you charge your electronics while you are on the go, the Sakku Solar bags are a bit on a greener side that not only uses Solar energy to charge your gadgets but are made of recycled materials like the old sails, awnings etc. It wouldn’t be wrong to term the bag as high-tech, captivating and sustainable all together in one product! The bag is washable, and the electronic components can be taken out and the battery pack used in the bag, is well equipped with flexible watertight cells. It is available in a couple of stylish colours and works well with all connectors. There are two different versions, one that you can take at work and other while you are travelling. These bags are currently available in the UK but the makers, are working on making it available across the US and other parts of the world.


REEL CLOCK An amazing combination of used old computer hard drive and magnetic tape reel resulted in a fun wall clock. It is something that would compliment every techie’s room because of its geeky concept. The clock is economical when it comes to price and has an interesting look. It measures a diameter of 10-inches and runs off a 1 C battery.


Invented by a British company Pli, the chair’s seat and back are made entirely from recycled plastics of used gaming consoles. This eco-friendly chair uses approx. 2.4kg of recycled plastics but what makes this chair even more sustainable is the fact that once the lifespan of the chair is over, you can disassemble its parts and recycle them again and again. This can be the ultimate gaming chair for obvious reasons. Another interesting fact about the Reee recycled chair is that is made of a single source, unlike other recycled products that use multiple materials in their manufacturing.


Another small gesture of going green using circuit boards as table lamps which add a creative factor to your décor and actually look nice. They might not be a wholesome gadget but have a unique way of using old tech components which are otherwise nothing more than pieces of trash. And if you further want to add an eco-friendly touch to these recycled lamps you can put electricity saving light bulbs. If you are a techie, you can easily create it on your own but if you wish to buy something like this many of these lamps are being sold online as well as in a cheap price.


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