Social networking has been the buzz for the past few years and even though her balmy appearance might be misleading, for she has an unwavering air within her. Here are 9 reasons that make Kirthiga dynamic.\n\n# As a kid, she would often relocate to different cities, courtesy, her father’s job. She spent her formative years in places like Dandeli and Nanded. People who can easily adapt wherever they go are a sure shot virtue to any firm. And it couldn’t be any better said of Kirthiga, too.\n\n# The first lady in her family to get a technical and business degree, she holds an MBA from Stanford University and an M.S. in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University.\n\n# She has been a former employee of Silicon Graphics and Motorola. At her first job in Silicon Graphics, she was the youngest Director of Engineering and the only lady in this role in her team!\n\n# When Facebook planned on expanding its business in India, she was their first employee here. In her interviews, Reddy claims that FB was of great help at the time and helped her stay in touch with her family and friends in US. As its first employee, she actually opened the office shutters on the first day. That’s been her ˜AHA’ moment, as she puts it.\n\n# When an ambitious woman says that she has found her dream job, trust her with that! When she joined Facebook in 2010, that’s exactly what she said.\n\n# She is responsible for building Facebook’s operations in India from scratch.\n\n# She is considered as a beacon of hope to women who want to leave a mark and excel in their professions, especially, the Corporate World. We’re sure no one’s surprised, why!\n\n# Her aim has been to create a Facebook India advantage for Facebook globally along with encouraging and taking the plunge of furthering the next generation of women leaders in the country. ˜Focus on culture (work) and Hire the best’ are two leadership lessons, in a nutshell, from her.\n\n# At the national level, she wants to drive children’s causes like ensuring their safety and giving them access to quality education thereby making an impact at the national level.

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