KAJAL AGGARWAL – The Southern Siren

Between juggling movies in Bollywood and Tollywood with her multi-lingual capabilities to voicing her proactiveness on social issues, Kajal Aggarwal is putting her A-game forward. She is unapologetic about the stand she takes, fiercely passionate about her art and astoundingly grounded. Giving us a pleasant surprise with her unexposed techy Avatar, the South Siren reveals she’d own a Tech company in a parallel universe and shares a thing or two about her tech knowledge and honestly, she’s the perfect cover star for Exhibit. As Kajal Aggarwal brings the heat in winter posing next to the stylish Audi Q5 with her sweet smile and sensual persona, we catch up with this lady running to the top to know all that’s keeping her occupied and fans should be in for a treat!

I really like SUVs. They almost give you like you’re flirting around sort of a feeling. It’s very cool to sit in it! 


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Exhibit: Kajal Aggarwal- How is 2018 treating you so far? What have you been up to nowadays?
Kajal Aggarwal: Amazing! I’ve been doing a lot of different things; participating in a lot of forums, I ran the marathon this year, I spoke at TED Talks, so it’s been a great beginning to the year!

Exhibit: #Throwback to the most memorable career moment.
Kajal Aggarwal
All of my films have been very special to me, I can’t choose one. I’ve had a lot of fun and share a great rapport with everyone in the film industry. But if I have to, I guess it’ll be shooting in Slovenia or Iceland where the place was very exciting and we would shoot and then go explore the place later on.[..]

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