Rohan Marley – A Man On A Mission

1. Tell us something about “House of Marley” in detail.
House of Marley has been a legacy of the Marley Family towards creation of sustainable audio technology. We make use of several recyclable resources like recyclable aluminium. The idea is to give back love. Like our association with the Light of Life trust we wish to support people and create opportunity. The more we can create them, the more we can give out through the House of Marley. For us it is a sustainable movement.

2. You are tied up with Focal Audio Systems in India, what activities will they exactly handle for you?
They are our official distributors. They are the ones who will carry the name of House of Marley in India. It is pact with them where they will be our official representatives. They understand what House of Marley and the Marley Family legacy and will carry it for us in the country.

3. Having been a successful brand in several countries across the globe, why choose India now? Do you feel there is a market for personal audio and lifestyle in India?
I think India will grow in a lot of areas. It is the second largest population in the world, there is obviously a large market. India is a global leader in technology, fashion , lifestyle, etc. It is a beautiful market for us to establish ourselves in. They truly believe in sustainability.

4. How are you associated with the “Light of Life ” trust.
Light of Life and House of Marley are in a partnership where a part of proceeds would go to the trust. This is to support the country and to support the youth, the elderly, the handicap, etc. The Light of Life believes in humanitarian principles just like us and it is wonderful to be associated with them.

5. So, how was the event last night? How much funds did you manage to raise for the trust.
I had a great time here. Meeting the people, the press, etc and discussing House of Marley, My Family, etc was great. In monetary terms, we don’t have the actual numbers but it was sufficient. We did well, we accomplished what we planned.

6. What are your expansion plans in India? Do you plan to set up stores or cross sell via electronic stores?
We are new here so at the start we would just test the market and see how the people engage with us.  As of now we don’t plan to set up stores, we would be selling via our outlets.

7. Tell us something about your family’s charitable organization “One Love” and about its work.
At 1Love, we tie up with likeminded and cause minded charities who believe in giving back to the people and the community. We also tie up with local charities that believe in similar principles. We are associated with several charities in USA and across the globe. Just like in India we have the Light of Life trust.

8. Your Father was a music legend, you never considered music composition?
I did consider it once. But i was not as focused as my brothers. My mind goes everywhere. I do so many things, I am a farmer, I have the House of Marley but for composing music one needs to be really focused. It is like one has to be an expert at playing  a musical instrument in order to compose music. I am not there yet. To be a musician, one has to be a master. I just love music, some day when I learn music like my brothers I may become a musician. Right now my focus is one One Love and the House of Marley.

9. What are your other interests?
Like I spoke earlier, I love helping people and creating a sustainable movement.

10. Lastly, you used to be a Football player.. Don’t you miss that?
I do miss my teenage years but I have the joy of watching them play. I used to become very angry when I used to play football and I don’t like being angry. I used to become really aggressive. I used to be that way when I was young but now I am focused more towards sustainability and the House of Marley.


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