Powertalk with Mr. Anirudh Dhoot, Director, Videocon Industries.

Q1. Videocon has spread its wings across various product sectors like Television, Mobile Phones, Electronics and so on. How do you manage to strike a balance in planning and executing campaigns for all of these?\n\nAll these verticals are separate in terms of functioning and planning. We have professionals and respective CEOs for each vertical. So day to day operations and strategic planning for the business are taken care of on their own. On top of that, management engages in quarterly and monthly reviews to ensure to meet the objectives of the company.   \n\nQ2. How has your tenure been in India as Director, Videocon Industries Limited?\n\nMy tenure as a Director has been a memorable journey that comprised of lot of hard work, failures, experience, lessons and finally some success. In the beginning, there was a lot that had to be put in place, I was completely new to everything. It took a lot of hard work and patience to understand what was required and what was the most profitable. I was groomed within our organization right from the lowest level. In fact my practical experience started with working on the machinery in the factory to visiting the markets and the dealers which led to understanding the market. I have practically experienced almost all the levels of operations. This helped me understand everything about the manufacturing as well as the market side of business.\n\n Q3. You are one of the youngest CEO’s in our country, do you feel it gives you an edge as a leader?\n\nIt surely does as when our minds are young, we are curious and always ready to learn and adapt to new ways and methods. A team will always relate to a youthful, enthusiastic and flexible leader who is always open for a two way communication and gets in a fresh outlook to work.\n\nQ4. What is your opinion about the dynamic nature of the technology sector in these modern times?\n\nAt Videocon we believe in a continues process of research that results in effective innovation and incorporation of latest technology. In recent times, the smart touch is much in demand and we have strived to incorporate every aspect of this smart touch technology in all electronics including LCDs, LEDs, etc. Sensory touch screens are the next big thing and we are constantly finding ways of getting better at it.\n\nQ5. Having joined the family business at the age of 21, did you experience any early jitters or setbacks? or was it smooth sailing all along?\n\nIf it is a smooth journey, then it’s not worth it! When I was new I experienced all kinds of failures and hurdles but that was all a part of success. I made sure I learnt from every flaw and mistake I made. I can proudly say that I had a journey that was not smooth but it was totally worth it!\n\nQ6. What has been your greatest achievement till date? What did you learn from it?\n\nI would say my biggest achievement till now has been developing the Greenfield plant in Kashipur which was completed within 24 months. The production is on full swing and it has reached break even. We are expecting profits from this plant from this year. Right now I am also developing new power projects, which will take some time.\n\nQ7. Apart from being a successful business personality, what other likes and hobbies do you have?\n\nI like sports specially Badminton and T.T. I try to take out time for myself and like to play TT thrice a week. Being an avid Bollywood fan, I really like movies of Shah Rukh, Salman Khan and Yash Chopra Films. Trekking and Photography also excite me.\n\nQ8. The youth today faces several issues when it comes to salaries, job stability and stress. Any message for them?\n\nMy only message to them is, our first step towards stability is learning and learning involves lot of patience. But once that is achieved, we automatically are on our way to success.\n\nQ9. In which of the above mentioned sectors do you feel there is maximum growth?\n\nIf we talk about the maximum growth, it would be DTH sector. Now the government is also supporting this sector making it mandatory to digitalize all TV broadcasting in the near future. Thus, a huge potential is seen in the market for this sector.  Another sector which is taking the same road is the Consumer Durables sector which is growing at its own pace.\n\nQ10. Videocon recently launched a DDB LED TV. Are we expecting any such exciting launches in the near future?\n\nWe are establishing DDB in our product portfolio. In the coming time, DDB portfolio will be strengthened by adding latest technologies like smart 3D, android and bigger panel sizes.  Apart from this we are always ready to adopt new technologies coming in the product line up. Also there are OLED and smart side by side refrigerators.

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