Photographer and His Gear: Arnab Banerjee

Arnab Banerjee An avid photographer, with passion to capture life around him. A combination of a writer, a designer, a traveler etc¦. and a  thinker by birth, he has observed things around him in an unbiased way. Always had an immense inclination towards two widely distant styles of photography, namely Street and Wildlife,  both requiring the perfect moment to be captured. Loves doing candid, table-top and portfolio photography which help him experiment with playfulness of light and shadow.\n\nAn insight about the camera and lens you are currently using.\n\nI use a mix-n-match of DSLRs and Bridge Cameras. Canon 550D, Nikon D90, Canon 7D and PowerShot S5 IS. Lenses I use are Canon 18-55, 18-135, 50mm, Sigma 150-500.\n\nFavorite setting for a shoot:\n\nHigh shutter speed (approx 1/320), with narrow aperture (around f8) to give excellent Depth of Field (DoF) and a moderately set ISO (mostly set below to 400 to avoid noise). This gives a lovely silhouette effect when subject is shot against the light source. Also setting manual focus to just behind the subject gives a wonderful ghostly effect to the subject.  \n\nA picture is worth 1,000 words Your comments\n\nA statement true to be an undisputed fact. The visual impact of a perfectly captured emotion can never be depicted through writings. A well composed photo-essay needs no literary explanation.\n\nA word of advice for young budding photography enthusiast:\n\nPlease excuse this profession if you feel it has glamour quotient attached to it. The camera is just a machine capturing what your eyes see. Try different manual settings to get the best shot your mind imagines. It is not just an art; it is a scientific art which follows rules of physics and the imagination of your mind. Do not feel dejected by criticism, or get over confident by appreciation.\n\nA point and shoot camera you would recommend:\n\nCanon Powershot G12 (Gives amazing versatility while shooting with decent manual maneuvers)\n\nA SLR you would recommend:\n\nEntry Level: Canon 550D Prosumers: Canon 7D Professionals:  Canon 5D Mk II\n\nFavorite shooting destination\n\nThe busiest streets and bazaars of India.\n\nWhat do you enjoy most photographing?\n\nPeople and Landscape.\n\nWhat inspires you to shoot?\n\nI love capturing candid moments. The raw moods of people are what inspire me the most. Without a Say Cheese or a Smile please, capturing the pensive mood of my subject is what I always look forward to. In this way, a photographer never misses the emotions his subject is experiencing.\n\nIf not a photographer, you would have been a¦\n\nArtist/Musician\n\nBeing a photographer, what is your take on photography in India.\n\nThe talent pool our country has can churn out the best photographers in the world. There should be more encouragement to take up photography as a profession and learn its technical intricacies.\n\nAny photographer you look up to & Why?\n\nRobert Capa- No one can ever depict emotions of a war through monochrome photographs as him. Steve McCurry- A genius and a magician, you will get teleported inside the photographs just by flipping through his images. Pablo Bartholomew- An iconic photojournalist par excellence. He has captured events that made Modern India what she is today.\n\nWebpage: Blogs:

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