A Candid Talk with HTC India’s Country Head – Faisal Siddiqui

1) So the HTC One is finally out. It’s a little delayed after the International/US launch. So is that a trend we will see continue or can we expect worldwide releases from HTC in the future?\n\n‹HTCOne is one of the best phones made this year and some of the consumers say that it is the best phone made, ever!So the consumers have been waiting for it& we’ve had great responses from our customers, they appreciate that we have launched the phone now and we are getting a lot of positive response for the phone.\n\n2) I think, if I’m not mistaken, it has been sold out in many countries, as the response has been very good!Do you think something like that will also happen in India?Even though it is pretty expensive from an Indian point of view?\n\nWell we started putting it in stores last week and it’s sold out in most of the stores. I was also reading an article on the web which stated that it is in fact, sold out in most stores.\n\n3) So HTC One. I’m just a little curious about the name.If this is the ˜One’, will the next one be two or three or something like that? Or is it just something new that HTC has rolled out?\n\nIf you look at our naming, we have 3 franchises, one is our flagship franchise that is the HTC One, then we have the Butterfly franchise and we also have the affordable smartphone franchise which is the desired one. So this is basically how we are segmenting our phones.\n\n4) So how is the HTCOne Franchise going to distinguish itselffrom the HTCButterfly which is pretty similar leaving a few changes like the camera and the Blink Feed?So how is that different from the Butterfly? How is it positioned in the market?It’s a flagship phone so it comes with all the flagship features, it’s got a nice looking metal body, the boom sound, an ultra-pixel camera & the blink feed. So these are the main features that differentiate this flagship from the other franchises.\n\n5) So now that the Blink Feed is out on the HTCOne,will we also see it out on other HTC phones as well?\n\nThe response for Blink Feed has been very positive and very goodso yes, we will be seeing that being available on other phones.\n\n6) Can you tell us a little bit about the camera? It’s something very new. Ultra-pixels. We haven’t heard about it on any other phone. So how is this ultra-pixel different from the regular megapixel?\n\nIt’s not about the quantity of the pixels. We could have had 8 megapixel, 13 megapixel, 40 megapixel.It’s more about the size of the pixel.The size of the pixel determines how much light goes through the pixel and that determines the quality of the picture. So ultra pixel we have increased the size of the pixel. So if you take pictures in a low lightcondition, the pictures come out looking great, that’s what makes it a great camera phone.\n\n7) Any other new feature that you would like to talk about in the HTCOne?\n\nThere are 300+ features in this phone I can talk about. Blink feed is a very unique feature we have. We have a partnership with 1400 content partners and they feed data into us. So that’s Blink Feed.It’s all the information that you need, whether it’s your social information or calendar information or whether it’s feed from your favouriteSportsTeam or Bollywood. So we have done partnership with a lot of Indian companieslike NDTV, India Today, Hungama and many more. So BlinkFeed puts all of that in one place. It’s a very quick way to refresh and look at the information. So that is one feature which is very unique on this phone. Obviously there is the HTCZoe as well, which is a very interesting featurewhere it brings the pictures to life.\n\n8) It also has a lot of editing features – once you capturean image you can also sit and edit it. Rather than going to a 3rd party tool and editing it.\n\nOne of the interesting things is that when you goto a party and end up taking a lot of pictures at the party, it automatically creates a slideshow – a video kind of a slide show of that party and you can send it to anyone and it selects randomly from the picture and creates it by itself along with a nice sound that goes with it.It looks like you are almost watching a video of thedifferent snapshots.\n\n9) Sharing is also something thatthe HTC has looked at. You can share it with social media and your friends as well. Any new feature in the HTCOne As far as sharing is concerned?\n\nFor example, Zoe you can share it. So in Zoe you take a picture and share it through a Zoe server or Facebook or any other sharing site with your friends. Any information can be shared whether it’s an online website or your video, picture or an email. It’s very seamlessly integrated.\n\n10) Does the HTCOne support wireless charging at this point?\n\nNo it doesn’t.\n\n11) Are we going to see any products that do support wireless charging?\n\nWe might, but we don’t have anything to announce on that front.

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