Indian Government Gifts Lambo Tractors To Farmers – Faking Issue

Indian Government for the first time has decided to gift Lamborghini Trattori tractors to farmers for free from the black money which they had recovered from demonetization. Finally some relief to the farmers from the government side. The Government has tied up with Lamborghini to purchase 20,000 Trattori tractors for farmers who are struggling with finance. After the farmer’s started protesting in Delhi last year November, the Finance minister was kind enough to gift them free Lamborghini Trattori tractors. A masterstroke by the Government, one would say. Well, Lamborghini Trattori tractors should stop farmers from committing suicide, as that is exactly what they need for living a prosperous life, isn’t it?

We spoke to one ardent Government supporter on this deal by the Government which ironically happens to be just before the Lok Sabha elections commence that will be held later in the month of April. This is what the supporter had to say, “Our farmers should be grateful for such a wonderful decision as they can use the Lamborghini Trattori tractor to carry out farming. Their income will also increase as the Lamborghini Trattori tractors will work twice as effective than the local tractors purchased by them or the bullock carts used by them.” The government hasn’t disclosed any details of their contract with Lamborghini and have only promised them tractors which should probably start arriving from next year and not any time soon. However, this is what Lamborghini spokesperson had to say about this deal, “We are delighted to partner with India for such a noble cause, and we will start delivering tractors from the end of this year.”

The only question remains is what about the loan waiver promise the government had made to the farmers? Who will look into that? I guess the Lamborghini tractor would definitely help them live a prosperous life rather than any farming subsidies or waivers. I see India progressing to new heights with such deals. Welcome to the new India!

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