In talks with Amanpreet Bajaj, Country Manager, AIRBNB – India

Amanpreet Bajaj, Country Manager for Airbnb, India, discussed the graph and growth of the revolutionary b&b company, in a brief e-conversation with Utsavi Jha and gave him insights about Airbnb’s relationship with the tech world and its vision for the future.


Home sharing as a concept is picking up in India for travelers and especially hosts in cities beyond metros. Rising personal income levels, a growing economy, affordable air travel and deeper internet penetration are leading to the emergence of a more avid, prudent and adventurous Indian traveller. ’’


Exhibit: Can you talk about your role at Airbnb in depth?
AMANPREET BAJAJ: I oversee the operations for the Indian market, for Airbnb and as the Country Manager, I am responsible for the growth of the company in the country. As the lead for Airbnb in India, my aim is to bring the growth in the country’s digital travel ecosystem and capacity by adding an element of personalization and customization to the way Indians travel. […]

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