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She is not only recognised nationally but also globally. After showcasing her designs at London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and South Korea, Nivedita Saboo is a global icon in the world of fashion. Her designs at the Tech Fashion Tour were just as edgy and techy as her. In a chat with Exhibit, she explains why she loves fashion and the Tech Fashion Tour!

EXHIBIT: Nivedita Saboo Couture – a leading brand which is donned by the most celebrated stars. how would you describe your journey so far?
NIVEDITA: It has been an amazing journey. Nivedita Saboo couture is a brand that started really small from one machine and one tailor in the city of Pune. After that, it has been a rollercoaster ride. We have grown from strength to strength. We retail and showcase all around the world. It has been a beautiful journey and all of our clients have supported us and our growth immensely.

EXHIBIT: You got the fourth place nationwide amongst the 30 most talented of designers at NiFt, what sparked your interest in fashion?
NIVEDITA: Fashion was on mind since I was very young. I have always been an artist at heart. A classical dancer, singer and a musician. I loved painting, arts in fabrics and all of this truly inspired my spark in fashion.

EXHIBIT: Your creations for men and women are called eclectic and unique, where do you derive your inspiration from?
NIVEDITA: I think what makes my collections at Nivedita Saboo couture edgy and eclectic is that I am inspired by the qualities that each one of us possesses. It is the qualities from daily lives I imbibe into my designs in form of beautiful strong cuts, lovely geometric designs, architectural motifs. They truly make a person look, feel confident like they are wearing something inspirational.

EXHIBIT: How has social media changed the fashion industry according to you, how have you used social media?
NIVEDITA: Everything is so instant now. The moment you have a new collection, it is launched on Instagram. We don’t even need a ramp show anymore. The world has become one marketplace where you can get through millions of customers and brands within a timeframe of seconds. Social media not only allows you to put forth your work to the world but also gives everybody the visual and the experience of the brand. It is also an important platform to identify everybody’s work, to call out to people who are not authentic about their work. It forecasts where fashion is going and what is happening in the world of fashion and technology. Everything has become at the touch of a button.

EXHIBIT: What do you feel about being associated with TFT?
NIVEDITA: I think TFT is a great platform for young and edgy designers. The brand Nivedita Saboo completely identified with TFT because we are extremely based out of being edgy and technological. We are the designers of new age with the soul of India. I think it was a great showcase, upbringing technology, and traditional art and craft at one platform is what we were very excited about.

EXHIBIT: Tell us about your recent collections, which you showcased in tFt and your favourite amongst the lot?
NIVEDITA: My favourite part was that a very young, fashion conscious and edgy showstopper like Harshvardhan Kapoor, loved our style. He loved the brand and completely endorsed the brand’s design sensibility. He picked one of our beautiful jackets which was a classic sensibility but is very internally edgy in its design and pattern. It’s very avant-garde from a technological and hand-crafted aspect.

EXHIBIT: How is technology that you use professionally changed the entire designing process compared to when you got started?
NIVEDITA: I think technology is weaving its way into all the processes of fashion. It’s an innovative blend of using technology to make hand-crafted processes much faster while being environment-friendly. You can calculate your consumptions and wastages. Technology has blended into every form starting right from sourcing to pattern making to your final stage of presentation. I think it translates all the processes that are used in fashion and it blends beautifully with how age-old crafts to their advantage.

EXHIBIT: What can we expect from your next line of designs?
IVEDITA: My next line of designs in my forthcoming collection will definitely have a lot of inclusion of being extremely authentic to Indian fabric and crafts with a beautiful blend of technology. The forthcoming collections from the House of Nivedita Saboo will be a very aware collection. It will be authentic to where we are. It will be environmentally sustainable and will make sure that the use of Indian craft and technology come together in a way for the global client to resonate with our collections.

EXHIBIT:  What according to you do the wardrobe of tomorrow consists of?
NIVEDITA: The wardrobe of tomorrow consists of versatile, comfortable pieces meant for your own lifestyle. Wardrobes are converting from a space of hoarding to being a wardrobe of requirements. The future will make sure you have something for every occasion in your life. We are creating garments that are useable multiple times and useable as separates and then using it as a team together. It is a very global wardrobe as I see that is coming of age.

EXHIBIT: Who is the next best person to dress in your collection?
NIVEDITA: The next best person to dress in my collection will be somebody who is influencing lives positively. I am really looking forward to dressing up global leaders in music, politics, films, and philanthropy.

EXHIBIT: On a parting note, when are we going to see your next fashion tour?
NIVEDITA: My next fashion tour will be very very soon. My next fashion tour is in Hong Kong. We are also looking.



  • Favourite Fashion icon: I do not have a fashion icon
  • Most Overrated Trend: Not to wear a single garment twice
  • Most Underrated Trends: Homegrown authentic fabric
  • A Unique Gadget You Own: Ipad pro
  • A Must-have Gadget: Smartphones
  • The Smartphone You Are Currently Using: Iphone
  • A Car You Drive: Audi q5
  • One Thing You Have That Your Contemporarirs Don’t: Great grounding anchor
  • Best Piece  Advice You Have Ever Received: Be Authentic And To Be My Best Version Of Myself.

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