How To Monetise Your Social Media Account Earning Made easy!

In today’s world, it is impossible to escape from social media no matter how hard you try. It has become a necessary evil, and it is no more limited to a particular generation, but you would find users right from the age bracket of 16 to 65 years. And going by the numbers, at the moment, there are approximately 2.62 billion active social media users who, on an average spend a minimum of 2 hours on social media.

It would be wrong to term social media as a waste of time or saying that social media is only a means of socialising with people. The craze of social media has given enormous options to people for using these platforms and earn. In fact, apart from promoting a business on social media, now you actually have “n” number of ways to monetise your social media account and make some extra bucks. In fact, if you are a social media buff and love to spend most of your time online, then you should consider this option and get paid for what you enjoy doing.

Once you successfully reach a certain number of followers you start making a fortune from digital platforms and be your own boss if you know how to make use of that opportunity efficiently. At this stage, you have an ocean of opportunities coming together from various means, and all you need to do is eyeing on all of them and make the most of these.

here are some great ways of monetising your social media account and earn some additional money:

  • Collaboration

Being new in the social media biz the first thing to start off is collaborating with brands, bloggers, businesses who are looking forward to enhancing their digital visibility and promote themselves on social media platforms. Team up with such advertisers, write about them and earn money. Earning through such paid posts depends on what advertisers are you promoting and how many followers you have. If you are still thinking about earning revenue through social media, you might want to kick-start your strategy with this one! This is an indirect way of selling because it has become hard for people to watch an ad and decide whether to buy a product or not. A review is more reliable and trustworthy.

  • Video Marketing

There has to be a catch on Instagram insanely promoting IGTV, right? The year 2018 has been about a lot of video content on the internet and eyeing at 2019, it is predicted that the 80% content on social media would be videos. Videos are more engaging, and users prefer watching a video rather than reading a post. Adding a video strategically to your content is bound to enhance your CTR and multiply your engagement. Having more views ensures earning through paid ads whether it is on Facebook, YouTube or IGTV. Not just that, if your video content is of a high quality, catchy and extremely product oriented you can do as an affiliate or influencer promotion. Showing a product and sharing informative content on why and how it can benefit the users, can capture the interest of the viewers can influence their decision of buying that product. Video content is a tried and tested way of floating content on social media, and you are missing out on something significant if you haven’t utilised it yet!

  • Ad Revenues

Ever since the internet has offered itself into an option of earning for its users, ad revenues have existed! It is a classic example of how you can earn through the internet. If you have a website or blog which are associated with social media, you can have content and posts that will encourage visits to land on your blog or website. An overwhelming number of unique visitors can make you eligible for Google AdSense. Social media is the best way of promoting a website or blog! Once you have ads on your site, the next you can do is share posts as per the type of ads that run there and provide value to your followers. They make a purchase, you earn, simple right?

  • Get Into Affiliate Marketing

Very often people became influencers on social media and had a remarkable number of followers with having a product or service of their own to offer. The best part about Affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to have a product or service of your own to earn from the massive following that you have. For all those who are still not familiar with this term, Affiliate Marketing means associating yourself with one or more brands and make efforts to promote them. You get rewards for every visitor or every purchase made through you. Most of the affiliate services are free and easy to join! Some research and thought are required on who you should associate with and how. Once you are clear with that, just start floating creative, encouraging and authentic content about those products and brands. The more you keep it real, the more successful you would be as an affiliate. Affiliate sales model have gained tremendous popularity with that is a win-win situation for both the company and its affiliates. If you are posting valuable content, it will also increase your following along with an opportunity to earn because your followers are always looking for content that would provide value to them.

  • Make Use Of Direct Sales Options To Sell 

E-commerce has literally blown away the physical sales to a great extent. Digital platforms currently are also supporting online sales. Social media channels have integrated direct shopping options on their platforms to encourage sales and benefit the sellers and customers both. Especially on Facebook, you might want to make use of the “Shop” section to display the products that you are promoting and make it easy for the customers to make a buying decision. This is so far the best way to approach masses and showcase the products. If you are a seller, then nothing can beat this when it comes to capitalising your business through social media.

The probabilities of earning revenue through social media are no secret with thousands of influencers making a fortune out of it, yet it is still an underutilised option for many. If the thought of monetising your social media account has struck you even once, you might want to read the above options and explore the world of opportunities. These are just a few options of the many, choosing the right choice and the right way of doing it is what actually matters.

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