HOW TO – Use your iPhone as a Computer Mouse

Not to mention it wastes a little time and you don’t feel the flow at which you want to go. Luckily, there is a quick solution. In this day and age, when everything can be connected wirelessly to various devices, why not your smartphone and laptop! Imagine how easy this would prove to be.Mentioned below are a few simple steps when you can use your iPhone as a computer mouse.

1.Go to the App Store, and search for TouchMouse and of course download it. After this has been installed on your iPhone, head to your desktop or laptop and download the same according to your suitable OS.

2.Open up the .dmg file or the .exe file, open it and drag it to your desktop.

3.Double click and open the app and simultaneously go to the app on the iPhone as well and find the server to your laptop. Once you enter the IP address, they will be connected.

4.Now you don’t need to go back and forth on your laptop and can simply manage it all from your iPhone!


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