How To Speed Up iOS 7 On An Older Device

With all the recent hype about iOS 7, have you jumped on the bandwagon and downloaded iOS 7 on your old Apple device. iOS 7 works great on an iPhone 5 but what about iPhone 4 or 4S. Users have reported that iOS 7 has made their older Apple device sluggish. If buying a new Apple device isn’t affordable, here are some tips to improve the performance of your old Apple device.

Clear some space:

Here is the common way to speed up any device. Delete any unwanted or unused apps. If the storage space on your phone is almost full, reducing the amount of data stored on it could result in a speed boost. Check how much free space you have. Go to Settings>General>Usage. You can see how much space is available and how much is in use. You can also see a list of apps and the amount of space each occupies. To delete an app, find it, tap and hold until it starts wiggling, and tap the X in the upper-left corner.

Kill background processes:

iOS 7 allows apps to automatically update themselves in the background. While that reduces the number of badge alerts on your App Store icon, it slows down your device. Also add to it, the amount of battery it consumes. You can turn off this feature and update your apps via the App Store as before. To do so, go to Settings > App Store and scroll down to the Automatic Downloads section and flip the toggle switch to off for Apps and Updates. And if you want to cut out all background processes, turn off automatic downloads for Music and Books, which means you’ll need to sync purchases across devices manually.

Some apps like Facebook and Twitter will automatically refresh their content in the background. While that helps you connect to your social media world, it also occupies CPU cycles. To turn it off, go to Settings >General > Background App Refresh and flip the toggle switch off.

Cut down on fancy animations:

iOS 7 offers you fancy animations. All looks good, but what good is it, if it slows your phone down. This feature is only available on some Apple devices like iPad 2. Go to Settings >General > Accessibility and tap on Reduce Motion. On the next screen, flip the slider to on, which will “reduce the motion of the user interface, including the parallax effect of icons and alerts. Before you leave the Accessibility area of settings, there is one other setting to investigate. Just above Reduce Motion is an item called Increase Contrast. Tap on it and then turn its toggle switch on to “improve contrast on some background to increase legibility.”

Hope this helps improve the performance of your Apple device. 

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