How To Save Money On Phone Data When Traveling Abroad

1.One simple way which most people don’t realize that while traveling that it is easier to use one of your old phones instead of the present one. You don’t need apps like Facebook and Instagram taking away all your data. Just as long as you can make calls and probably send a few SMSes, you are good to go.

2.Of course, you need to turn off your data roaming or just set the phone to airplane mode. Keep your Wifi on, so that wherever you go, you can get connected if it is open to the public.

3.If you still want to use a few apps, you can turn off the remaining apps and avoid having your phone data consumed.

4.Another effect way is to put track your data usage is by restricting it to a certain limit. Every phone has this feature in the mobile network section and you and you can keep a limit as to how much you want to use. After you cross a certain limit, it will automatically stop and you can be aware.

5.You can even get a different SIM card and get the cheapest plan activated in it to save up on your data. Most people hate changing their plan and getting a temporary SIM card for a few weeks proves more beneficial and affordable.

6.Getting international plans which plans out to be a domestic plan for that country will be far cheaper to make calls and messages. You can find out their data plans as well and use it accordingly.


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