How To Block Ads In Your Android Smartphone

Having ads everywhere including even in your smartphone could be frustrating after a while. If you don’t wish to upgrade to premium features of every app that you install on your smartphone, then there are certain other measures that can help you out. Here are a few simple steps by which you can avoid them.

Your first step will be to download an application called Adblock Plus essentially in the form of an apk file.

After the download, install the file through the file manager. Once it is installed, you need to select your subscription which could either be manually or on start.

Go to your Wi-Fi settings; connect to your desired network. Once connected to your preferred  network, long press it and go to modify network config

Go to show advanced options and change the proxy settings to ˜Manual’

Set Proxy to localhost and Port to the number specified by Adblock Plus in the notification message and you can block all your ads.

Installing And Configuring Adblock Plus

Open a browser in your device and download Adblock Plus for Android. Your device will receive the APK file: adblockplusandroid-version.apk.

Navigate to where your downloaded files are kept, then tap on the file and install. (If you open the APK file using a file manager, select Open App Manager and then click on Install.)

1.On rooted devices: after installing, open Adblock Plus. It will request for super user permissions. Allow super user permissions to Adblock Plus and you are good to go.

2. On non-rooted devices: you need a few more steps, to manually set up proxy in your Android. You will need to follow the instructions on as instructions are different for Android versions up to 3.1 and 4.0+.s

And that’s it! You should be all set and those ads will not bother you ever again.

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