Happy “World Environment Day!”

June 5th is celebrated worldwide as the World Environment Day which is an initiative led by the UN, first celebrated in the year 1972. It aims at arousing mobilization for environment protection by trying to raise public awareness on rising environmental concerns from global warming.

Each year, one country gets to pick a theme with this year’s host country Canada choosing “Connecting People to Nature” as the theme. It aims at imploring people to ponder upon the intimate relationship we share with nature and appreciate its beauty. It also calls people to experience nature in exciting and adventurous ways and hence in turn take action towards protection of the planet we all collectively share.

As the biggest annual event for environmental action calls for people to take proactive steps, it has always garnered great responses since its inception in the form of thousands of events, clean-up drives, action against wild-life drive, re-plantation, etc.

Although there has been chaos in the world with President Trump announcing USA’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, the Modi cabinet later responded that India is committed to the Paris Climate Agreement irrespective of what other nations decide.

On WED, Prime Minister Narendra Modi encouraged everyone to take care of our planet by promising to be committed to ‘protecting our environment‘. He tweeted – “This year’s theme of ‘Connecting People to Nature’ is nothing but getting connected with ourselves. #WithNature.

On this day, we hope for technological advancements to do wonders in this field just like it has for many other fields in the world and we hope for a greener and safer environment for generations to come.

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