Get the monsoon madness on track!

Monsoon is probably the most unpredictable thing that ever happens to us! We cannot solve the problems of traffic jams, water logging, and high pollution levels easily but we will help you tame the wild season with a bundle of few apps that will help you navigate monsoon easily.1. Travel with ease:While rail and bus disrupt are very common in the monsoon, apps to book cabs are handy because finding a cab when you need one is not always easy. You can book a cab while getting dressed. Just fire up the app, create an account, and link a payment source, after that you’re ready to go. ApnaCabs also offers a ‘Panic button’Download it at Happy shopping:Getting the right services at the right time can be a dilemma on a rainy day. Bookmein , however, can make it easier for you! If you have it on your smartphone, the app will find your location and lets you browse the latest offers and catalogs closest to you, as well as search for products and store information such as opening hours.Download it at clothes only after checking fitting is your thing but can’t head to the mall in rains? Voonik is the perfect savior. It handpicks the best clothes for you based on your body type, color choice, budget and style preferences. It provides instant recommendations from stylists on the kind of clothes that will suit you, how to wear them, and what to pair them with.So you can just try and buy clothes with a few clicks!Download it at Take care:Monsoon sickness much? Connect to a doctor with a single click and get prescribed for the sickness with a mobile application! seeDoc is not only a video consultation platform but a complete medical service company. From doctor’s consults, lab tests, medicines, followups until feeling well—if seeDoc has its way, you’ll never need to leave your home in the rains.Download it at app by healthenabler also allows you to establish contact with doctors or experts via Free chat, call and video consultation features in the App.Download it at Get your food:Too lazy to commute to the restaurant on a pouring day? Just order your pizza through an app! Swiggy offers a single window for ordering from a wide range of restaurants, they have their own exclusive fleet of delivery personnel to pick up orders from restaurants and deliver them to you. One of the key features of the app is the live tracking of the delivery executive as they deliver your food. And you don’t have to think of minimum order criteria as it doesn’t have any.Download it at app Francesco’s pizzeria enables you to order all your favorite delights or even book a table if you want to dine in! With just a few simple taps, you can reserve a table or order in from the pizzeria! The add-on here is that you can pick and choose your preferred items from an easy to navigate the virtual menu, customize or even mix and match everything you want for your perfect meal.Download it at Wave the time:Stuck in a never-ending traffic caused by filled potholes in monsoon? You can wave your time catching movies or your favourite shows on the digital video streaming apps such as Sony Liv, Muvizz and Netflix.Quick tips:Google maps:So you think of google maps only as something that only provides navigation details from point A to point B? Well, you are wrong. The app has real-time details of over 12,000 local and national trains and also provides traffic details. So use the app when the rain throws traffic out of gear!Repel monsoon invaders:Ah! The most expected guests during the rainy season and the invasion is inevitable. Hate those mean smelly creams and toxic repellent sprays? The Mosquito Repellent app has a better solution. It omits a unique high-frequency sound (ultrasound) which mosquitoes cannot tolerate and therefore prevents you from getting bit frequently.

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