Gaurav Gandhi

Director & Country General Manager,
Amazon Prime Video, India

"Did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in the cage."- Gary Player


EX: Biggest milestone in your life.
HIM: The fact that my 13-year old daughter believes that her dad is ‘with it’.

EX: Book(s) that have influenced your life.
HIM: I think the essay ‘Wear Sunscreen’ written by columnist Mary Schmich and performed as a spoken word song ‘Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)’ by Baz Luhrmann resonates well with me.

EX: An unusual app on your smartphone.
HIM: ‘Seesaw’ – keeps me updated about my 8-year old’s activities in her school.

EXThe next product on your tech-wishlist.
HIM: Echo Show.

EX: 3 habits you think are most important in order to be an effective leader.
HIM: 1. Always be hungry to learn; do not settle into a comfort zone.
2. Think big and strategic, triangulate a lot (join the dots) and keep standards super high.
3. Hire people who are smarter than you and then empower them.

EX: The best tech innovation according to you.
HIM:  Amazon Alexa.

EX: Your upcoming career goals
HIM: From a long term point of view, I want to continue to be in consumer tech that makes an impact and improves the lives of millions of people.