From the Editor’s Desk! – May 2016

pic2The power of 11 is the most reflected in Cricket – the entire multi-billion dollar industry depends on that – and now we complete our 11 years. Wow, 11 Freaking Years! That’s a generation when it comes to Technology and Lifestyle. When I had founded Exhibit out of passion, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were just taking birth, there was no iPhone and BlackBerry and Nokia was the king.Times change, things happen and in Tech it happens before your girlfriend dumps you. Now WhatsApp, iPhone and Android has nearly decimated the BlackBerry boys and Nokia is no more Nokia but in a big state of confusion. I have also seen a lot of Tech going kaput, Startups getting failed, Retail chains spurning up closing and some still going strong! And the 2nd half of eCommerce boom along with the first you had Rediff, IndiaTimes and our very own ValueStore – which was ahead of time without the ecosystem and I had to wind it all up. At the end it’s all about timing afterall.In Tech, they say 10 years is equivalent to or more than 100 years of any other stable industry and it’s exciting to be a part of the first wave of Tech changing our lifestyle in almost everything. Did you ever think a few years back that you would be ordering shoes, clothes, food, grocery, sex toys and even book your taxi from your mobile app? Congratulations, you just missed some billion dollar industry verticals.What next is what drives us at Exhibit and you can only predict the future if you take a hard look at where you are today and flip the pages backwards. So the whole idea of our 11th Anniversary Issue was to undertake the evolution of Tech with eleven gorgeous models from all over the world glamourizing the Vintage Gadgets and making us live up to our motto – Where tech meets lifestyle!”We had a choice to choose from a bucket full of options like a big celebrity – Cricketer, Bollywood actor or a corporate bigwig. But we decided to do the difficult yet unique idea of putting these 11 damsels on the covers and give you an exhaustive ocular treat with a story spun around the most influential gadgets from the pages of history. We will not keep you wondering from where we got our hands on these vintage gadgets. It is because of you guys who have come forward and sent us your love and our warehouse is full now to start – Exhibit Museum. Perhaps a noble idea with all the vintage and classic gadgets displayed!Startups often fail, and I have never understood why we think and talk about Flipkart, Snapdeal and other big boys as a startup even today. They have billion dollars valuation and will complete a decade of being alive within a few years. Not connecting the dots here, but we rounded up 11 Fucked up Startups and the lessons they taught us. Along with this, we have the most extensive coverage from the world of sports, to digital games, sci-fi, automobiles and iconic watches – all in the multiples of 11. If you dwell in today’s Tech world, you must go through 50 Tech-Words in our daily vocab and do not miss our story on 11 Indian heiress living life “Queen” size.A collector’s issue that’s perfect to keep in your coffee table, this is one interesting read irrespective of ages and gender. And with our special feature of 11 Indian Aces of Tech, the gentlemen who have really taken the Indian flag high, been supremely inspirational for thousands others and made Indians extremely bankable algorithms in the tech world. Infact in Silicon Valley, if you are a geek and an Indian, chances are you will be hired and you can ask for your price! With our newer approach and 12th year on track, we are all set to get you interesting reads in the future to come. And stay hooked to our digital avatars and take your pick from, and the all new revamped and refreshed Until, then – cheers to life!Do check out the Making of our Cover in this behind the Scenes videoAnd if you Want more then Hop on to the Picture gallery here.

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Ramesh Somani

Ramesh Somani

Entrepreneur by profession, Believes in karma and has tech in his DNA. Of all things harbours a dream to do space travel in his own space shuttle. He is also the Chief Editor & Founder of – Part of Exhibit Group.facebook-logo-button_318-84980.png