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“ Success and achievements have their casualties, but let them be intangible to say the least. ”

You’d have to be living in the middle of Antarctica with the white penguins to not to be aware of all the hullabaloo surrounding this bots thing after Facebook announced its plans to offer smart features to its messenger. It will offer simple responsive services such as reading you morning news or ordering flowers, it will also get you a cab to work and may be even tell your wife what you can’t tell in person! The news has excited many and now there are many startups around bots messaging which is gaining ground.

On one side, bots are taking over and on the other side we are experiencing rains and droughts almost simultaneously in May – it’s rather invigorating. Travelling around the world, you can’t help but notice something has changed across the globe. Yes, it’s something that is clogging our thoughts but as humans we live in a possible reality. Have you noticed sudden climate changes in India and other countries and frequent earthquakes, draughts and floods – all consistently happening in some part of the world? What is happening to our planet? And what’s actually wrong?While the answers could easily be camouflaged in blames, it is something worth taking into account before it gets too late. Climate across the world is goofed up. Is this global warming or whatever the hell it is, may be some aliens or supernatural bots playing on us? Who knows!

It is down right ghastly! While it rains during summers and everyone is all set to pack their bags for the nearest weekend hill station trek, we fail to understand the catastrophic effect of this on farming lands. Being an entrepreneur, I know the investments and returns game. It applies to farmers and crops as well. While we enjoy this untimely pours, it ends up ruining summer crops like cotton and much more.Scenario in India is still manageable considering the abrupt natural calamities occurring worldwide. Success and achievements have their casualties, but let them be intangible to say the least. Let’s pledge together to balance the natural equilibrium. We may woo those badass wooden speakers, but then remember to give back what you have taken from nature.If each one of us does their part to maintain this equilibrium, through tree plantation or use of recycled products, the world will be a much safer and healthier place to dwell in or else we all should hope that Elon Musk gets lucky and transports us all to his colonies in Mars in our lifetimes.

That said all about it, whoa – June is here and so is our new issue. Join our madness as our team puts on their creative hats to spring a smile on the most depressed minds. This is an edition for times unbound as we bring you exclusive reviews and unmatched hilariousness that will tickle your adult hormones to glory. Laugh your asses off and do remember to maintain the symmetry of nature around us to make the natural balance happy as well.

We had almost named it the “Interview Issue” with founders like Deep Kalra, Ritesh Agarwal and Naveen Tewari getting candid about their experiences, struggles and inspirations along with some casual topics. Glamour and fashion world icons Ritu Beri, Vikram Bawa and our cover boy Sooraj Pancholi talk about their lives and unknown facts. Additionally, biggies and the top guns from Casio, Panasonic mobiles and Harman Professional – Kulbhushan Seth, Pankaj Rana and Prashant Govindan respectively open up about their dreams and ambitions in the country.

Our aim this month is to dream about the future. Hence, we deal with everything that is futuristic – Drones photography, Weirdest of the futuristic technologies and Google’s upcoming plans exclusive for Indian users. To top it all, my team has their own dream gadgets in their minds. Guess it is the Midas touch of technology that has inspired everyone to dream about their own dream gadgets. Dream with them, and who knows you may come up with your own concepts of futuristic gadgets.

Signing off while I imagine a bot writing this column for me soon!

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Ramesh Somani

Ramesh Somani

Entrepreneur by profession, Believes in karma and has tech in his DNA. Of all things harbours a dream to do space travel in his own space shuttle. He is also the Chief Editor & Founder of – Part of Exhibit Group.