From A Procrastinator To A Productive Person

When we wake up in the morning the first thing that the majority of us do is check our phones. We waste our time scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Work Email, you name it. Heck, I was also a victim of this bad habit, although, now I have understood the importance of how the early mornings can be utilised to do more things. It gives me more time later in the evening to spend on things which I always missed out on. If you too are fed up of your routine and feel guilty about not completing your daily tasks, I have some hacks to keep you on track.

Incorporate A Routine

Make a list of important things which you need to address on a daily basis. It could be from doing your own laundry, cleaning your room, buying grocery, working out, meeting your friends, and most importantly some time for your own self. When you’re done with the list, save the list on your phone. Set individual alarms for a particular task, so that it doesn’t skip your mind midway through the day. Give priority to your health first, and organize your tasks accordingly.

One Task at a Time If you are someone who is a sound sleeper, then I recommend you to set two-three alarm clocks in your room at different locations. As soon as you wake up, make your bed. Congratulations! Your very first task of the day is now completed. It’s one of the easiest tasks which encourages you to get up from your bed and be done with it. A sense of accomplishment that you have completed your first task of the day is what will push you to do your next task, and when you come back home after a long day, you will be welcomed with a well-made bed. Remember, do one task at a time and focus on doing that one task with all your concentration, it will ensure better, faster results and save you time.

Morning Fix

Early mornings can be utilized for a quick run or an hour at the gym or some yoga or meditation. Between 04:00 to 07:00 hours, it is said to be the best time to work on yourself. When this task is completed, you have time after work to spend with your family, friends or read a book. You are simultaneously taking care of your health and keeping your mind fit.

Prep Your Mind

Winning is a habit. Just like losing. Before going to bed write down things you want to complete the next day and set its priority. Wake up with a feeling of accomplishing these things and determination to complete them before the day ends. If you don’t enjoy your work, you will eventually tire out and feel helpless.

Not every individual will be able to adjust according to this routine but if one incorporates a routine and follow it religiously with discipline, one will definitely reap benefits out of it and have a productive day.

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