Editor’s Note February 2020

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This is out and out a CES 2020 Special back from Vegas where we walked booth to booth along with Reliance Digital in our quest to cover anything which is sensible tech, new launches (and there were many!) and anything which holds the potential for future disruption. It’s important to have tech which makes sense. In my opinion, smart belts, smart socks, smart shirts and so on which gather useless and quantum data of your body and your movements that keep you exposed to sensors and electronics is not requisite. We picked up real gadgets and tech which we have curated and laid down in the pages ahead. This year, we were also bowled over and completely shaken up by the Vision-S, Sony’s electric concept car and Hyundai’s solution with Uber for urban air mobility – yes, the Hyundai S-A1 Air Taxi.

With so many resources, capital, R&D and a brand name at their disposal, this cross pollination should happen and is required. Why should you think and work in one dimensional territory? Why should we not have Nikon smartphones – where all the Vivos and Oppos of the world are harping on their picture taking capabilities and most of the time, their only unique selling point are those camera-popping, 4 lenses etc. In 10 years, don’t be surprised if you see Samsung, Sony and Motorola cars on the road while every auto manufacturer has launched their own smartphones. You can already see how much a smartphone is controlling the car, so why not a complete ecosystem of their own which can also be a marketing strategy of ‘brand stickiness’.

While we were in Vegas, we had one more thing to do – explore the city and Hyundai gave us the Elantra and Tucson to do just that; road trip across Vegas. There are such exotic places, like the Red Rock Canyon and Mount Charleston, beyond the glitzy casinos just an hour away in each direction of Las Vegas – it’s almost unbelievable. You can drive there on Indian driving license, no questions asked. They probably assume that if you can drive in this part of the world, sticking to the lane driving is a piece of chocolate cake. What they don’t tell you is that driving on US highways where you have to at times maintain 120 KMPH and above, sticking to your lane and minding your own business can actually be tricky for Indians. Our habits of driving on the other side, jumping that about-to-be red signal, criss crossing, over speeding anyone who tried to pass you (remember the Ford Endeavor TVC?) are things which you have to keep in control or else you will be knocked off before getting knocked out. I had to be constantly reminded off not to slow down or not to speed up.

Moving on to our Cover star who has rightfully earned the title of Mr forever young, It’s the second time we shot him and had known him for years but he left me jokingly with a very valuable piece of advice, when I asked him how does he want to be remembered. AK [As everyone calls him] said No one remembers anyone, just live your life, do your thing and don’t save too much for tomorrow or for anyone or invest in accumulating properties and live a life with a monthly sword hanging around your neck called EMIs or break your back for that success and that extra pot of gold. Invest in Experiences, good food and hence when we meet next month I would have returned back from a 12 day driving voyage of Iceland and strike that off boldly from my bucket list.

The new decade has begun and we have hit the ground revving through. Next month, we will also have BBC TopGear – the India Edition, on stands all baked, curated with black pudding on top – from the house of Exhibit.



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Ramesh Somani

Ramesh Somani

Founder, Publisher & Chief Editor

Entrepreneur by profession, Believes in karma and has tech in his DNA. Of all things harbours a dream to do space travel in his own space shuttle. He is also the Chief Editor & Founder of – Part of Exhibit Group.