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Andrew Koh is the Senior Director for Imaging Communication Products group with an overall experience of 25 years in the industry.\n\nHe is responsible for the management and development of Canon Imaging Communication Products in India.\n\nAt the recently held Broadcast India Show, we caught up with him to talk about Canon’s plan in India.\n\n \n\nExhibit: Our upcoming issue is around Luxury Products, so are there any offerings from Canon in this segment?\n\nAndrew: Yes and no. These products that we’re actually showcasing here aren’t really for the consumers. They’re for the Pros from the cinema, wedding and documentary industry. But, of course, if you want to purchase it for gifting then, why not? (chuckles)\n\n \n\nExhibit: How has Canon’s market-share in the imaging field been in India?\n\nAndrew: As I said, we’re not displaying the consumer-centric products right now, but as far as that market is concerned the DSLR segment has been growing YoY (Year on Year). We have probably close to 45% of the market and sales has been growing at 30%. For the professional side we are just coming out with these products in India, even though we’ve had some products for a long time. Even though we are new-comers, we have the brand trust behind us and professional’s will have no problem putting their trust in us.\n\n \n\nExhibit: Any particular consumer product that has done particularly well in India?\n\nAndrew: The EOS 1200D (laughs). I’m sure you must’ve experienced our entry-level DSLR, it’s for people who want to get into serious photography. For the professional side we have our video products which are much more compact and have been doing exceedingly well. Just because its compact doesn’t mean it’s a handy-cam, so we are also trying to change this perception.\n\n \n\nExhibit: Canon came a little late to the mirorrless camera (or micro four-thirds) party with their EOS M. Is that segment still relevant to the brand?\n\nAndrew: Yes, it is. We still are perhaps the only company that produces a full range of cameras from an entry-level compact to the highest model. The mirorrless is just one category and we will see how it develops. In India specifically, it isn’t a big segment as of now. For now, we are simply photography doesn’t matter which equipment you use. There is no compromise on the quality of the products we have.\n\n \n\nExhibit: So, whats next? Canon seems to have established a good foothold in everything related to photography, so what’s the next big thing?\n\nAndrew: In the consumer segment, we are really focusing our energy in promoting the DSLR cameras. This market has been growing due to the increased interest in photography overall. So, we will come up with more interesting and innovative products. On the professional side, we have the Cinema EOS range and we are coming up with newer technologies like the 4K reference display. This is more for post-production work. It’s not cheap, of course, but if you want the best then it does come at a price.

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