Feature Upgrades – You Should Know

For all the internet lovers, here’s some news dose on your favourite apps and sites that might be of some help-


It’s a well-kept secret and an old one that we’re ninjas when it comes to stalking people on social media. May of us have become experts and we thanked God each day of our lives for not letting us be caught (referring to all those times we happily took screenshots of Instagram posts to dissect them piece by piece without having to worry about whether we’d be caught or not). However, the fateful day arrived when Instagram announced that it would now send notifications to those we took a screenshot of. Yikes. I guess it’s time to leave Planet Earth.


We all know about the Google suggestions feature and how it completes every query or every sentence you type giving you suggestions that it thinks you’re looking for. As told by a representative, Google gives suggestions based on user’s interests and search history. However, after a series of unpleasant suggestion results, Google decided to remove the suggestion feature only to bring a stop to any event in the future that could cause trouble or offence.


Wi-Fi may just be the most important thing for those who thrive on internet and it’s a major turn off when there is no Wi-Fi connectivity. However, what might be the most awaited feature upgrade for Netflix is its offline streaming option that would now allow users to watch their favourite TV shows and movies on the go despite not having any internet connection.


The latest Uber update was frightful for many and we understand why. We know how the app usually works- switch on location, feed in pick up location, book a shared or personalised ride and be dropped to the fed destination. However, with what is an app improvement move, Uber will now get access to your location 5 minutes after you have been dropped to see if the location you were dropped to was the location you really wished to get down at or you had to walk longer to reach the desirable location- accuracy testing, basically. Creepy, but true.

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