Fashion Influencer Of The Month – Juhi Godambe

Juhi Godambe is one of the most sought after names in the Influencer community. A 24-year old entrepreneur, Juhi has already made a mark in the Fashion sphere and shaped the lives of many youngsters who look up to her. In a candid conversation with Smriti Raizada, Juhi reveals big plans for her brand, Arabella, her inspiration and much more!

EX: How do you feel influencers are changing the landscape of current Fashion and Lifestyle trends?

JUHI: Influencers are real girls. They give a realistic spin to fashion in contrast to the fashion you see in Magazines or the one that Actors pull off which seems unattainable. But when Influencers dress up and make it their own style, it’s more relatable and that’s what’s changed when it comes to fashion trends.

EX: What advice would you give to the newbie bloggers/budding entrepreneurs?

JUHI: It takes a lot of patience and hard work. I started about 3.5 years ago when blogging had just become a thing. Even then it took me a while to get to where I am today. I did look at contemporaries and wondered what it is that I am not doing right. What I realise now that it’s okay to have these thoughts. What’s important is to just be at it and keep hustling!

EX: Who’s your Fashion icon and has she/he shaped the way you look at fashion now?

JUHI: This might sound clichéd but my fashion icon is definitely my mom. My mom was always someone who’d look perfect no matter where she was. She really inspired me to take care of myself and eventually, her style drew me to what I am really passionate about today.

EX: A lot of people still perceive blogging as an unstable source of income. Is it possible to manage investments while pursuing blogging full-time?

JUHI: It takes a while to get that to the stage. Two years ago, I wouldn’t have said that my job was stable because you don’t really know. But eventually, you get to a stage in life when it does get better after which there is no looking back. The thing to remember is that there are always other opportunities if not blogging then one thing or the other will definitely come out from it.

EX: Does money play a vital role while someone is considering to start their own blog?

JUHI: It really depends on what kind of a blog you want to start. If you’re starting a personal blog where you don’t have to deal with editorial shoots, you can literally just start at home with your own wardrobe or borrowing clothes from your friends. Like any other business, you have to work with your means and figure a way around it. So, no. Money is not really a necessity while starting your own blog.

EX: Influencers are subject to long hours in search of constant inspiration and ideas. How does this affect your mental well-being and what do you do to cope?

JUHI: Frankly, work is my getaway. I really enjoy the phase when there’s a project lined up and we need to come up with different ideas. At the end of the day, I love my job, so work actually acts as a stress buster for me.

EX: Do you think there’s a space in the Fashion Industry that is yet to be explored?

JUHI: I feel like there’s an unexplored space in every industry. There is so much that still can be done in fashion. The fact that technology and social media are merging with fashion bring out a lot of aspects that can be explored.

EX: Do you worry about competition? How hard is it to sustain in this domain with new blogs being launched every day?

JUHI: It all depends on how you deal with it. My personal way to deal with it was that I would only follow the people I was actually friends with. At the end of the day, these are my friends and people I look up to, I am never going to be worried about what they’re doing. I have always been the person who was at it because I enjoyed it and that’s the endgame for me.

EX: Your clothing label is a rage, tell us about how it started and where do you see in the next 5 years?

JUHI: Arabella was always Plan A for me. I started as a stylist in the industry but I realised soon enough that I didn’t enjoy it and wanted to start something of my own. After studying Business in Fashion from London, I started my own label. It took a lot of research because of the obvious high investments involved in launching a new brand. In the next 5 years, we are focusing on our online expansion and retailing on a lot of websites. We are also planning to start with Men’s wear soon!

EX: What does Arabella stand for? How difficult is it to stick to the essence of the brand?

JUHI: I always wanted a pretty name for my label. The literal meaning of Arabella is Beautiful Girl. I have always been very clear with what my brand image is and where I want it to stand. I want to make sure that it’s my personal style because, at the end of it, the brand is something that I built for people who enjoy my style.


90s Grunge or 60s Glam: A mix of both

Your Last Google search: Inspiration for my ongoing shoot!

Makeup or no makeup: No Makeup

Your go-to brand: Besides Arabella, Zara

Online shopping or storefronts: Online

Favourite holiday spot: New York

Adventure travel or relaxing getaway: Relaxing getaway

Tech Essentials: Phone

Favourite photo editing tools: Lightroom

Instagram vs Youtube: Instagram

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