Facebook Stories- The “Newest” update on the block

On March 28, Facebook (once again) launched a Snapchat look-alike feature in the form of “Facebook Stories.” The feature was introduced with the intention of enabling its user-base of 2 billion people to share more photos and videos with their followers. Before introducing this feature on Facebook, the parent company launched a similar feature on Instagram and WhatsApp.

This feature is available only on the latest update of the app and is typically seen on top of the news feed just in the way it is seen on Instagram – in the form of tiny circles. Apart from this, you can also swipe right to view to stories. The stories, quite commonly, last for 24 hours that can also be saved onto camera roll. It also allows people to post videos that are 20 seconds long.

Although the feature does not allow you to like pictures, you can surely reply to them.

Facebook also adds its own charm to the feature in the form of filters and borders that you can add before recording which is on the contrary to Instagram, that requires the filters to be put after the recording.

Owing to Facebook’s expertise in filtration when it comes to who can see the content, the stories follow the same rule as they allow you to decide who gets to see your stories.

While the feature and its working seem quite familiar (of course), there is one thing that you should be cautious about. Unlike Snapchat, Facebook does not notify you when a person takes a screenshot of the image. So, despite the ephemeral nature of the stories, people still have a good 24 hours in their hands to make sure they have the pictures.

So, with all our most-used apps launching the story feature, we now wonder how much time would we have to keep aside to post stories on each one of these social mediums?

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