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WEBSITE:, is a human assisted AI (Artificial Intelligence) startup that empowers everyone to build and operate software projects. The company uses Artificial Intelligence, BOTS and a deep network of trusted vendors to build everyone’s personal engineering team, helping them build something new as well as operate your stuff on the cloud. A platform that does exactly what an in-house engineering team would do without any of the cost of running and managing one.

Exhibit: does seem like an interesting venture. When did this initial idea of the start-up germinate?
We all had an idea – we thought it was going to be the next XYZ and deeply wanted for it to materialize into a true business reality. But then we all walked out of the coffee shop and did nothing about it. As Saurabh, my co-founder, and I heard the same repetitive story from friends and business owners aspiring to bring technology into their business or had a dream that was then effectively stolen by an unscrupulous developer, we decided that this was a big problem to solve and one that needed a rapidly different way of thinking. […]

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