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Your home reflects your style & personality and you certainly can’t afford to go wrong with that. Interiors are something that can do wonders to a new home as well as give a fresh look to a renovated house, keeping in mind your tastes and preferences. Designing your home is a neverending process especially with the irresistible charm of dynamic and latest interior trends. Whether you opt for a minimal design, contemporary or classic designs, you will always feel the need to add something or the other trying to make your home look classier, stylish yet cosy and comfortable. The trends of interior industry changes every year, so if you are looking forward to getting your interiors done anytime soon, you should consider these latest luxury trends like modern colours, furniture to wallpaper amongst others mentioned below!

  • Modern Colours With Small Colourful Highlights

While giving a new look to your home, the primary thing that you can think of is the colours. They indeed have a huge impact on the look and feel of the house, so they have to be selected very carefully! Going by the latest trend of 2018, the modern colour palette is something to look forward to with colours like soft greyish green, ultraviolet, Crimson that is Strong, radiant and full of energy, timeless Emerald, wine or Earthy colours that give a very cosy look to your house. Metal colours like silver, copper, bronze or sparkling gold can be used to stabilize the modern colours. Try adding a highlight of neutral colours along with the modern bright shades, this would give a classy and spacious look to your rooms. Basically, as for the latest trends in choosing colours for your interiors, you can just mix, match and let your creativity flow giving a refreshed look to your house.

  • 3D Walls Or Wall Papers

When technology is moving ahead, why not home décor? As a trend this year, we welcome the tinge of evolution in our designs. The 3D look of walls can be done either by using 3-dimensional wallpapers, wall paints or add objects that would give it a 3D look, which looks interesting, attractive and bold!


  • Dark Rich Wood And Ceramics

Ditching the old cabinets and using rich and dark wood for home furniture, office or kitchens is what you can expect this year. The dark chocolate colour with perfect lighting can give your room a spacious and comfortable look. Additionally, using wood planks can give a classic vintage look. Wood and ceramics can also be used for wall panels.

Dark Rich Wood And Ceramics interior

  • Ceilings Designs

This is undeniably the coolest trends for anyone who wants to add a luxury touch to their interiors. Traditional ceiling designs with an edgy element, wooden ceilings, using bold colours or wallpapers, there is a lot that you can do while choosing your ceiling designs. These designs and ideas for ceilings can give a substantial makeover to your rooms, bathrooms, kitchen and living area.

ceiling-design-2 (1)

  • Marble

Marble has always had a sense of sophistication in it when used in home interiors. Not just that, you don’t have to stress out much while planning to add marble for home decor as it can be easily implemented anywhere and yet look extremely graceful. You can have a small table made of marble or use marble tiles in the room because the charm of marble can never disappoint you.

  • Cosy And Comfortable

Call it a trend, luxury or a necessity, when it comes especially to your home, you can’t help but make it as comfortable and cosy as possible for both the people who stay in it and for the ones who visit. There have to be some areas where you can relax and rejuvenate or have some personal time. You can have some really cosy spots in the house and decorate them in a luxurious way for ultimate relaxation.

  • Metallic Touch

Contradictory to the use of wood, you can also choose to have some metal furniture in your rooms or living area. Adding a subtle metallic finish to your rooms can give a retro-modern look with grace. These can be used for light fixtures, bathroom, cabinets, kitchen or accessories. A blend of copper, brass or any other metallic element to add a modern look to your home.

  • Eco-Friendly Items

With more and more awareness about eco-friendly products, people do want to add recycled items as a part of their home décor. Re-using your old furniture or accessories and turning them into something alluring is not only an interesting but also an environment-friendly way of decorating your home.

  • Velvets And Suede Are Still Stylish!

Adding fabrics like Velvets and Suede are back in trend and of course. They look super elegant and give a poised look to your rooms. You can invest in furniture or furniture pieces of these fabrics like curtains. They can complement any kind of home décor themes and emerge beautifully!

  • Use Of Patterns

Yet another trend that can be a part of your home décor whether you choose a classic look or an ultra-modern look because patterns especially geometrical ones, never go out of fashion. Though, there has to be a clever use of these without over-doing it. Geometrical patterns can be a part of flooring that gives an ancient look or can be used for wall decors and furnishing which looks contemporary but anyway it looks very classy and if you want to add that plush factor to your rooms, you should think of a creative way to use geometrical patterns.

  • Wall Arts

If you don’t like the concept of wallpapers, you can decorate your walls with wall art which is again one of the ways to style your home with majesty. Wall art mostly reflects the creative side of a person. You can do infinite things as far as wall art is concerned like you can create a memory wall with a collage of your pictures, add some modern paintings, put some quotes or add some graphic prints.

wall art

  • The Green Factor

Having some indoor plants definitely revives you and give you a sense of energy. Our passion for nature is apparently growing more and more. It is really great because it adds beauty to our empty corners! It might just be a bit difficult to maintain but if you are a botanical lover, you can buy some indoor plants that are insanely beautiful and maybe a bit costly as well. The intensity of adding indoors plants depends on your preferences but a few would do no harm to anyone for sure.

  • Spacious

Gone are the days when people loved stuffing their homes with more and more furniture, accessories or decorative items for giving it a feel of luxury. In the modern sense, a luxurious home also has the luxury of space. The trend is to make the most of the space that you have and use all the elements of interior designing that can make the place look splendid and spacious at the very same time.

Trends come and go but luxury will never goes out of fashion! With so many great options for decorating your home, it would be fun to pick the hottest trends of the season! Though you cannot follow these blindly, as a personal touch is of utmost importance while selecting the interiors but the above list will certainly help you make the best choice.

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