Editor’s Note – September 2016

Ramesh SomaniI happen to have lots of friends who are fashion designers by profession. Some of them are very big names, enough to hike the price of any garment by 100X just by putting their labels on it. One thing which all of them have in common is a deep creative desire to make life beautiful and needless to say, tech is helping them in a lot of ways. Be it tech inspirations, software or gadgets; it’s all for shaping up the fabric and fine tuning the creativity.

Fashion is an art where you are the canvas. So painting it the right way is a must to get noticed. With our upcoming Tech Fashion Tour, the recently concluded Fashion Weeks and the charismatic enigma of the fashion world, I am still awestruck with the term fashion. Fashion is something that comes from within you and not by copying or imitating others. You may get inspired, but can’t be a replica of the same inspiration.

You have to try and find your own style, your own fashion and then follow the trends to get noticed positively. You have to treat every day as a fashion show and dress and walk like the world is your runway. That’s the confidence and magic of fashion you should be carrying along.

Fashion is an integral part of our society today and like everything else, it’s interwoven with technology. So, here we are with our September issue making sense with Fashion and Tech. Not only did we round up and curate 30 fashionable people from the world of tech, but also walked the biggest fashion shows in the world and noted the points worthy.

With the Tech Fashion Tour returning with its second edition in much more style and extravagance than its former self, we are buzzing with the prospect of having incepted something so novel – a concept that has never been explored in the Indian market.

editors_qoute_sept2016Having ventured out blending Fashion and Technology, I’m not going to lie, this month, it was raining fashion at Exhibit. The advent of Social Media has given a voice to the budding fashion designers and stylists and the world is only following suit. Rapidly and surely, the world is realizing how gravely important and attractive incorporating fashion in life is. We, Tech Geeks, acknowledged this by looking at how the melange between Technology and Fashion works, and I cannot emphasize how amazed we are!

Tech is the heart and soul of our magazine and we have, time and again, emphasized it by extensively having endless geeky, techy discussions back at headquarters and publishing the best of tech in our monthly issues. However, this month, we looked at tech with a whole new perspective with a fine touch of fashion and the timing couldn’t have been better.

A whole lot of fashion dose and much more along with that. Grab, read and keep – that sums up the issue in your hand. Enjoy and enjoy being a noticeable personality.

Do check out the Making of our August Issue Cover in this behind the Scenes video

Ramesh Somani

Ramesh Somani

Entrepreneur by profession, Believes in karma and has tech in his DNA. Of all things harbours a dream to do space travel in his own space shuttle. He is also the Chief Editor & Founder of – Part of Exhibit Group.