Editor’s Note October 2019

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We are living in interesting times, as technology keeps outsmarting itself. And now Apple 11 with its triple cameras along with Samsung with its Fold has once again created a need where there was none. But still, when you see a Saregama Caravaan or Marshall speaker with its retro designs, our desires start salivating again. Both Marshall and Saregama are not very high on design but it serves the purpose right and even if you take out their bank of more than 5000 songs stored in the Caravaan, and I’m guessing, it will still sell good numbers. Same with vintage cars some of them sell for more than its current generation with all the tech and mind-blowing specs. The design speaks to us in many unexplained ways and defies logic and speaks to the part of the brain which perhaps is emotionally tuned.

This month is the beginning of festivities, the government has given us a steroid shot by slashing the corporate taxes down to 22 percent. Amazon, Flipkart and others have been selling great deals to make consumers press the buy now button. Apple 11, One plus 7T have hit the market just in the right times when the sentiments are beginning to smile. There are signs that the drive for Auto industry hereon is going to be better and many are preparing to change lanes and throttling up. So indeed it looks like this Diwali is going to be happy.

Sentiments and emotions play such a big role in pushing the economy forward that most of the times it’s the sentiments which matter more than the macro factors. This September I had visited IFA, Berlin and Frankfurt Auto Show both had connecting dates and connecting flights making it easier for us to cover both the events. We also happened to meet a lot of stakeholders and Key CXOs while they are all bullish in the long term but confused for the near term and in order to sustain the long term, the near term matters too. Looks like all forces are gearing up to change the tide towards the bullish times again. So let’s go out there buy, spend and invest wisely and start a venture. We have a Business idea given by Karan Johar who is an entrepreneur and master of the entertainment business. He wants an App that can help him curate the things to do on the basis of his tastes and preferences, (in technical terms we call it Artifical intelligence) every time he visits a new city or country. So there you go, that’s one interesting idea for your new venture and it’s open for all. 🙂


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Ramesh Somani

Ramesh Somani

Founder, Publisher & Chief Editor

Entrepreneur by profession, Believes in karma and has tech in his DNA. Of all things harbours a dream to do space travel in his own space shuttle. He is also the Chief Editor & Founder of – Part of Exhibit Group.