Editor’s Note October 2017

Editors Note - Exhibit Magazine Oct 17

We had our annual flagship event – Tech fashion Tour 3.0 all ready, and on the other side Mumbai’s annual flagship rainiest day had hit us, and it was so harsh that the government had declared school holidays. We were all decked up; everyone had already moved to St Regis a night before with the stage, lights, and camera all ready, only the action call was yet to be shouted out! Pretty models were practicing on the ramp, the music was on, the LED was playing eye-catching graphics, yet there was this dampening feeling of the rain spoiling the party. All our phones flashed only one haunting message, “Is the event still on?” It was 4.30 PM and our first Show had Hrithik walking on the ramp at 6.30 PM. A decision had to be made. The whole team gathered, took stock of the situation, and relentlessly fired our WhatsApp Broadcast list with just one Line “We are on, and so is the rains. See you at 6.30!” There is a belief that if you want something to happen, the whole universe conspires with you for it to make it happen.

The rains finally stopped, Hrithik and the other show stoppers checked into their suites, designers and models were now all pepped up, crowds started pouring in, the bar was open, we had a full house by 7 PM, and we started with a bang! Tech Fashion Tour 3.0 was a huge success, and thanks to the heavy downpour, we saw 1500 important people attend, or else we would have been choked with a much higher turnout than what we could have handled.

The idea that germinated with a simple thought of marrying tech and fashion is brimming, and the future of fashion is what Tech Fashion Tour is all about. This time, we had invited Jasna Rok from Belgium and Ezra Tuba from Turkey, and they left our brain ripped with open wires to catch all the signals of the endlessly possibilities of the future of fashion.

To start with, you could be printing your own 3D dresses, or be making use of solar energy, RFID, kinetic energy, laser etched, and environmentally receptive fashion. The word “wearable” will soon mean a complete functional wardrobe, which will serve more functions rather than just dubiously dressing you up and making you look like a pretty furniture.

Yes, we had a handsome travel to do the previous month, starting with IFA Berlin, which is the biggest tech show of Europe.And we shifted gears to an overdrive mode to land at the Frankfurt motorshow. All and much more awaits for you in the following pages, along with the Greek God – Our cover ‘Buoy’ Hrithik Roshan who could now be bestowed upon with a new title of being “The Geek god” with his techy side exposed.

Enjoy the issue and Enjoy the festivities.
Have a Soundproof, safe and cracking Diwali !!


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Ramesh Somani

Ramesh Somani

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