Editor’s Note November 2016

editor-noteWe are almost into the last fragment of the year 2016. A little more than a month, and 2016 will be history forever. But that’s not without its share of taking its fair space in history books of tech.First, ofcourse was the much anticipated iPhone 7…followed closely by Google Pixel that is priced exorbitantly high! But imagine, if Google brings down its price tag, Pixel would take every pixels out of the competition. We also have to look at the intent of Google and where it is heading towards, with Android already the DNA of almost 88% of total handsets sold globally and has other proprietary services like Google Play, movies, music, docs, maps and now their messenger Allo. So they have the platform, services,apps and now the hardware which comes with the Siri clone. Basically it’s taking on Apple with all its valour and can really turn the tables and take away the shine out of every pixel of Apple and other smartphone guys!Do you notice anything strange everytime you are about to take off in a plane anywhere in the world? Like…say… something like this – “Please don’t turn on your Samsung Note 7 during the flight, it might catch fire”? Funny it may sound, but this has put the fire on Samsung and charred their reputation down with billions of dollars wiped out already. If it was not the mighty Samsung, anyone else would have to close the shutter down and started working for South West Airlines where the first Note 7 caught fire and led to the evacuation! Mistakes happen, blunders also – especially when it’s a large organisation. But this was a fatal killer. However, with the upcoming S8 things should look up, hopefully. Techie people are forgiving and forgetful and hope the next time you board the flight you get to hear “now it’s safe to turn on your Samsung devices enjoy the rest of the flight…but of course in the flight mode”.We have dedicated November issue to the ideas. Ideas as in – the mother of innovations. Just like an idea took Elon Musk to start a Paypal , make an electric car, work on a self-pilot cars and above all dream to make space travel a reality.So this issue is basically about ideas that are trending, developing and coming up with everyday technology. Ideas are what we call the root of creation. This issue is solely dedicated to 100 genius ideas that shaped the past, present and future of technology. Ideas that popped up at wrong time and failed despite being brilliant. Ideas that are making big moolahs across the world. And exceptional ideas of few college dropouts of India which are going places. There are more…it’s all about ideas that are revolutionising mankind.And yes, with the party starting and Cold Play coming down in mid November, we have got them in our pages along with Sharks who have tanked a lot of entrepreneurs upwards and flipped the bird to many.

Enjoy the read & the November parties.

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Ramesh Somani

Ramesh Somani

Entrepreneur by profession, Believes in karma and has tech in his DNA. Of all things harbours a dream to do space travel in his own space shuttle. He is also the Chief Editor & Founder of – Part of Exhibit Group.facebook-logo-button_318-84980.png