Editor’s Note May 2018

It’s not every day that you complete 13 years of existence in business and doing something which you love doing and passionate about. Yes, it’s the start of our 14th year since the Exhibit journey began. It is indeed an overwhelming moment as anniversaries tend to reflect on yourself. Before applauds, I want to acknowledge my falls, as there were times when I wanted to quit, when the chips were lying deep low as well. But being a Marwadi and the only son of a businessman, the pressures to outshine your dad especially if you are refusing a throne of a 30-year-old legacy. My dad simply said that, if you are passionate about what you are doing, you will find your way. With that, I expected a fat cheque to start my business, which was turned down with the trademark ‘in your dreams’ smile. I realized very early that I was on my own and I won’t have any of his hard earned money to ‘experiment’ in the publishing media industry. I had only two choices – either join his existing business or establish ‘Exhibit’ from the scratch. And I chose the hard but the exciting path.

From partnering with my college buddy to negotiating with printers, from convincing brands to give us their marketing money to deciding to create event properties ground up, everything worked just because of my faith and belief in hard work. And here’s a quick secret – people out there are nice and believe in you if you believe in yourself. Otherwise, why would anyone put their money on an unpublished magazine by unknown young men who had no freaking idea about the media industry? Eventually I bought my partner’s stake while we were still taking baby steps and there on my journey of a solo ownership began.

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