Editor’s Note March 2018

Editors note - Exhibit Magazine Mar'18

I can’t believe February is over already. Was it just for me or did the month feel like it only lasted a couple of days? With yet another eventful month with Auto Expo back home, to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, to the other spate of launches by tech brands, it’s time to start welcoming the sultry summer.

March is a month which has a dedicated day on women empowerment, perhaps an epitome time to have our own top women in tech who have been marching ahead and leaving men behind. There is a research which has proven that women who code are the best coders because of their inherent multi-tasking skills and ability to think in all tangents a tad better than men. I think the time is imminent when we will see the next future Mark Zuckerbergs, Bill Gates’ and Elon Musks of the world coming from the women brigade. And just to emphasize this we took an elaborate look at Elon and got to uncover “How big Elon Musk really is” and what the man behind the successful launch of the Worlds’ most powerful rocket – Falcon heavy is all about.

Now I will tell you why all the techies feel that Feb is the shortest month. Of course, with 28 days it gives us 3 days less but the other reason is MWC Barcelona, which is where the world Telco land of all shapes and sizes right from the governments trying to form smart cities to the bulk SMS providers to the Samsungs of the world which launched their prized S9 there. All the action, launches and stories of MWC are packed inside waiting to be flipped, along with our summer gadgets, and of course, there is Yami Gautam – hot and cool in the same breath – silently cruising her way to the top of Bollywood.

That and much more, and now it’s time to loosen up for a heated April where we meet again.

Until then, adios!


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Ramesh Somani

Ramesh Somani

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