Editor’s Note June 2017


We had to raise the bar this month as we crossed the 12th year mark and it does mean we are into our teens – cheers. So we set up our own “bar” by hosting an exclusive sit down dinner for leaders in tech with a master class on single malt. It was a great evening hosted at St. Regis, Mumbai which was completed with the release of a coffee table book featuring all the gentlemen and the ladies who are, all together, driving the industry forward. Meet them in the pages inside. But ofcourse, we did miss few who could not respond to us before the printer had fired up the machine. Sit down dinner plans are never easy to schedule and execute with busy people. And in our country somehow everything happens last minute – cancellation and additions. But we did make it happen – and how – that’s the story inside.

The month ahead is a busy month. GST gets rolled out which had kept the industry confused and down with almost empty purchase orders. But it’s all looking better now with a few big launches including the OnePlus 5 and the new 5 series from BMW to name a few. We will be in Shanghai with CES Asia and MWC and will be soaking in all that make the Shanghai skylines even more techy and shiny.

The month had the petrol heads in us raging when we got our hands on the all new Volkswagen Tiguan before anyone else did. Not only us, but when I had gone to pick Saif in it for the making of this cover shoot, he actually snapped up the steering and took me for a long spin to Lonavala before landing at St. Regis. It was a ride to remember when the chote nawaab himself is driving for you and you are engaged in a free flowing conversation with one of the most well read guys from Bollywood. You actually come to know about people in this way – one thing I came to know that he may have inherited a lot of wealth and that his lineage and pedigree is royal, but he is completely self-made man and had gone through his own share of struggles in Mumbai before he started shining as a star in Bollywood. I just had to remind him once in a while – “Saif let’s have a safe drive”.

Enjoy the issue !!



Do check out the Making of our June Issue Cover in this behind the Scenes video-

Ramesh Somani

Ramesh Somani

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