Editor’s Note July 2019

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This is a powerful issue. If you total the follower count of all of these 100 influencers whom you are about to meet in the pages ahead (and if only the gram is taken into consideration), then we are talking about 55 million here. Talk to any brand manager or CEO, influencer marketing is the trend and the buzz word and the marketing plan today looks like this TV > Radio >Print> OOH> Digital > Social and IM or Influencer Marketing.

Exploring new territories has never scared us and we did just that with the upcoming Influencer era. Concluding the maiden edition of Exhibit’s Top 100 Digital Influencers in June, we got our hashtag #InfluencEx19 trending. A night of felicitation of these new age marketeers across 10 broad categories namely Technology, Automobiles, Fashion, Beauty, Food, Social Influencers, Travel, Lifestyle, Entertainment, and Social Media Personalities.

Our first Digital Influencer awards, where we had put up 250 names on from different walks of life and to get the Top 100 basis public voting. Since then, we have in our arsenal 19 lakh registered email IDs who voted for their favourites. We took cues from there and gave them the crowns. The party lasted long since they cut across Zen Z , Y and the millennials with our choice of venue being a dingy studio which we converted into a party zone where they could be themselves and gave them plenty of spray paints, Porsche 718 Boxster, Triumph bikes, Absolute and Jamesons and a DJ who understood the vibe and it was the first Influencer Awards and Party which has made its loud mark.

It’s a popular opinion that Influencer marketing may be a fad. But can that really be true? The Influencer-audience relationship is based on real connection, it almost seems like a one-on-one experience. That is something that the world hasn’t been exposed to before. Alongside the influx of fake followers and content that can not be deemed authentic, the apprehension of where Influencer marketing will be in the next 5 years still exists. Is it something that’ll come to a standstill? We’ll have to wait and watch.

Till then, open up to your favourite influencer’s journey in the pages to come to see how social media has changed their lives.

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Ramesh Somani

Ramesh Somani

Founder, Publisher & Chief Editor

Entrepreneur by profession, Believes in karma and has tech in his DNA. Of all things harbours a dream to do space travel in his own space shuttle. He is also the Chief Editor & Founder of – Part of Exhibit Group.