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Ramesh Somani - Exhibit Magazine July17 Editor's note

June 2017 was one of the techiest Junes of the decade. CES ASIA, MWC Shanghai, Computex Taipei and the big launch of OnePlus 5, followed by the Honor 8 Plus were the only reason to cheer ahead of GST. The whole industry with all the big doyens had a stressed out month owing to stocks piling up and with trade decided not to issue purchase orders owing to the uncertainties of GST. Some tech would become expensive and few would go cheaper and some would not change our credit card statements at all, but a lot will happen and Harsha has dug deep to see how tech will span out post GST [Read here – GST : Impact on Technology and Startups in India ].

The Indirect tax was introduced in 1935. And, the first tax reform in the name of VAT came in 1986. Change is never easy, especially when the change and reform are to change a 31-year-old taxation system, the world has moved on and we are finally catching up. Even GST was first proposed in the year 2000 and it took 17 years to get the clearance, thanks to the phenomenonal NAMO. The world has moved on and we are finally catching up. There are a lot of talks and debates going on, that no one is ready with, including the tax officials, on the profound ambiguity surrounding GST. But we will never be ready until it’s embedded and imposed upon us and shoved down our throats. Only thing that needs to be ensured is that we should not choke!

This issue is tuned around music. Call it the monsoon effect or the man – Farhan Akhtar himself. Probably the only actor I know who has transcended from Director to Actor to Producer to Singer to a Musician. And now he is moving towards writing his own songs. A self confessed techy and a gamer who loves technology as much as we do.

It’s a fact that music industry is also pioneering every modern tech to keep up with the pace and is so connected. Right from the time of Mozart who wrote his record breaking concertos centered around the freshly invested piano to The Beatles who changed the face of popular music altogether by bringing up every modern recording technique.

There is a group of musicians who have this strong headed opinion that tech is killing the music industry. But if you look around, there’s a beautiful marriage right from the creation and sharing of music has been transformed to unprecedented levels with the entry of computers and social media sites.

Stay truly tuned with us and enjoy the music ahead…

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