Editor’s Note February 2018

Editor's Note Feb 2018

If there is any month in the year which would bag the award of the “Month of the Year”, that has to be Feb hands down. It’s also the month with a heavy post-CES hangover with all the launches and announcements starting to trickle down. GSMA Barcelona sets up another playground with the Mobile World Congress kicking off from 26th Feb in Barcelona. Sometimes I wonder why all the serious and the biggest Tech Expos happen in the three most exotic and happening cities of the world- Las Vegas (CES), Barcelona (GSMA) and Berlin (IFA) and we are not complaining surely. It’s the month of the National Budget and the first one for the Modi Govt. and after all the chaos of GST and Demonetisation, the world will be watching. Auto Expo which comes every two years but comes full throttle is also heating up Feb and already all the petrol heads are excited and breathing fast to feast their eyes with the mean machines sometimes concept and mostly machines which will hit the roads. We already had a series of new launches Range Rover Velar, Audi Q5, Lamborghini Urus and it’s been raining SUVs in the Indian market. And lastly, it’s the love month after all the tech and cars, get the heart racing to make way for your valentine. So welcome to the month of the year.

Like last year, we alighted in Las Vegas ready to be soaked up in tech getting live coverage’s and daily shows and we have an exhaustive and curated piece of #CES2018 in the pages ahead along with the interview of the man himself Gary Shapiro- President & CEO, CES. This year we were also joined by Kaushal Nevrekar- CMO, Reliance Digital to add to the dialogue to bring the Indian perspective. One thing is sure that AI, Robotics and Autonomous driving is going to change our lives for the better in times ahead. Surely it will come with its share of cons but the pros will outpace it on a scale of 1-100.

I always have one question to ask all the titans of the industry- ‘Is technology really outpacing us?’ Our smart phones are coming now with 10 GB of RAM but can our brains process as fast? It’s like having a 1800 BHP and 15 Litre Ferrari engine on the express highway. Roads can’t get any better and we surely can’t juice the full potential of what lies under the hood. Something to think about for both the consumers and the manufacturers– not to mindlessly get to market products that our human minds can’t comprehend and to give us tech which will really make life simpler, efficient and fun just like the cities of Las Vegas, Barcelona and Berlin!

Have a great February until we march towards March 2018.


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