Editor’s Note – August 2016

Ramesh SomaniYahoo got picked up for $4.83 billion in an all-cash deal from Verizon. Wasn’t it just a few years ago that it had rejected Microsoft’s offer of $64 billion? Phew! It’s crazy to think how ruthless tech industry could be and if you don’t grip the steering tight, don’t change gears efficiently and don’t speed up when required…you will hit the dead-end! There is no superhighway where you can put any tech company on a cruise control and keep your hands and legs folded up and hope that it would be a smooth ride. Innovate or acquire or get merged – that’s the mantra that every tech company has to follow. Yahoo had lost the plot somewhere despite an early start in search, email and content. And even an expensive hire with a decorated CEO Marissa Mayer failed to create the magic and couldn’t tame the aimless boat of Yahoo which had been sailing in rocky “internet” waters. Sad!

And after last month’s LinkedIn acquisition by Microsoft, Yahoo also has now the “Sold” board flashing on its homepage amidst all the terror strikes that are blowing away peace and innocent lives. I seriously don’t remember a single month of my life till date where so many terror attacks came into headlines. One after another, the attacks seemed to be getting uglier and more terrifying with every passing day and sad but tech is acting like a catalyst in these barbaric attacks and mindless motives. Technology, unknowingly has been contributing a lot into terrorist attacks like everything else in our daily lives. And it is shocking at the same time.ramesh-somani-quoteThe modern terrorism is instantaneous and unpredictable, a global threat that hit its targets, but that at same time hits a wide audience thanks to technology, it is bringing the terror into our homes. The cyberspace and social media is an environment without boundaries, a privileged place where terrorists find resources, make propaganda activities, recruit new sympathizers and create mess.

This was getting really messy when we literally wanted to get free and breathe light. Hence, this sports issue. (Don’t you already feel relaxed?) Sports is something which doesn’t only make us physically fit and healthy, but it also makes our mind free and fresh and unites us as a nation and connects people with a common chord.

Besides every possible combination of sports and technology that we have come up with, one special mention in the editorial! Our sports issue wouldn’t have been complete without – guess what – Pokemon Go! The name which is setting the mercury high and is making everyone around crazy. People, I know, have actually lost few kilos walking around catching silly little things called Pokemon. And yes, I am not ashamed to reveal that even I have tried my hands on this game. And man, this is addiction’s another name.Enough said and done on sports issue, our cover girl Sania Mirza remains the center of attraction anyway. And we came up with some of the entirely unknown facts of Sania in aur second edition of chitchat session with her. Its our Second Cover with her with a sense of Déjàvu as the entire team in the shoot remains the same from the first cover 2 years before. Did you know Sania Mirza is NOT her actual name? The magazine is in your hand, flip the pages and start playing…. Reading.

Do check out the Making of our August Issue Cover in this behind the Scenes video

Ramesh Somani

Ramesh Somani

Entrepreneur by profession, Believes in karma and has tech in his DNA. Of all things harbours a dream to do space travel in his own space shuttle. He is also the Chief Editor & Founder of – Part of Exhibit Group.