Editor’s Note Aug 2018

Just when I was sitting to fire the keys in the laptop for writing this piece, PSP console and joystick was sitting pretty in the corner and roaring to get started for another round of gaming. Gaming is a serious play and now a multi-billion dollar industry. Much opposed to the popular perception, gaming is not really a ‘lazy-couch thing’. Just like any other sport, it has team play, strategies, agility and makes you a quick-thinker and a decision-maker. You have to plan your next move in nanoseconds or you get hit and are out of the game. Yes, physically it’s not that challenging as an outdoor sport but mentally, it’s at par if not above of any game, along with the fact that it’s damn addictive. Hence we decided to celebrate this addiction and the whole gaming industry with the first-ever India Gaming Awards where we have made sure that every corner is touched, cleaned and refurbished. It is our first ever gaming awards with our partner Nodwin Gaming and honestly, we are very kicked about it. We will take you through the award night in the following issue unless you have already soaked it in through and our other social handles. Also don’t forget the special gaming supplement which has come bundled with this issue.

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