Editor’s Note April 2018

April, the month of ‘fools’ as it is popularly known as, paves way to a couple of questions that keeps on growing every year. To begin with, why just give one to celebrate our foolishness? Being a part of this day-to-day circus called ‘life’, we all are getting fooled by each other almost everyday. Don’t you think so? We fall into the marketing strategy of the products we use or even the fake news that we are feeded with, by our ‘so-called’ media that actually supposed to stand for truth. And to top it up, 1st April is also the day 1 of the new financial year. So ironically, on a very serious note, people are fooling us on our financial and banking system as well. Everyday we get to hear about a new ‘diamond’, who has again fooled the taxpayers’ money through our humble banks.

The presence of technology can make the process easier but that has its own negative side too. It opens up a lot of options, which do nothing but leave us even more confused about the honesty in the news. So we have decided to give shape to our very own version of the ‘faking issue’, where we are talking about everything ranging from fooling apps to technology to even fitness. Beware; as there are chances of us playing a little conning game too. Well, we take it on ourselves to train your mind to understand the difference between the fake and the real ones.


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