Editor’s Note April 2017

Editors Note - Exhibit Magazine, April 2017

Happy New F# Year! Of course I mean the financial year! And for all the entrepreneurs, startups and corporates who were fucked by demonetization, I hope this year brings in the double digit growth back and your bank accounts hit centuries like the ones we shall be watching this IPL season.

Talking about what’s happening at the Exhibit Pad, well…we just moved in to a swanky office 5 times our previous one which means we are doing pretty good. Touchwood! Also the timing of this issue – with rounding up 10 very famous “Millionaire Millennials” and what they are up to now along -is just the perfect set up for this Issue.

The whole loop for our Entreprenuer issue just got completed, with Ananya Birla on the cover which makes the music of our spring in April 2017 rising several decibels higher. Ananya, who I had first met at the launch of her single, Livin’ The Life a few months back, bowled me over with her energy level and super down to earth demeanor. Just like true entrepreneurs we instantly captured that energy with a beautiful shoot at one of the top 10 haunted places in India – Mukesh mills. As Ironic as it would be, the shoot location could have been Eiffel Tower in Paris but being a part of the independent Gen X that she belongs to, Ananya does not like bragging her surname and her riches. “Entrepreneur by Mind and Musician by Soul” actually is the perfect bio title for Ananya who is in complete control of her life and busy following her passion. Although her heavy surname and the “Billionaire daughter tag“ do haunt her making it difficult to be on her own, but Ananya is actually being herself and is out there Livin’ The Life.

But we know one thing for sure there is one golden thread which runs through all the entrepreneurs, startups, musicians, sportsmen, actors or actress which decides how far they will reach and that is ‘Mad Passion’. Being successful also comes with its own share of ifs – if you are willing to stick it out, if willing to fail, if willing to become the butt of all jokes and if willing to give up anything or do anything to see the light of the day. Don’t start a company to raise funds and buy that two seater Jag. Do it because you will put that car for sale to pump up your startup if required. On the same note, in this issue, we went through a few startups that failed to reach success and we made a note of all the lessons we can learn from them while we are busy hunting down and curating the Hottest 100 Startups of 2017 all coming together with the guys who have the money (Vcs) on 14th April at St. Regis, Mumbai.

And, how can I forget this. Next month is our birthday month – we turn 12! The next issue is going to be a special one so do watch out for the issue and ring in to give us a nice birthday message!

Do check out the Making of our April Issue Cover in this behind the Scenes video-

Ramesh Somani

Ramesh Somani

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