Driving to glory the “Saif” way

Saif Ali Khan Pataudi - Exhibit Magazine June17 - 05

Never complain, never explain ”


RS: First of all, thank you Saif for taking the day off from your “Baazaar” shooting schedule. Your movie “Chef” is going to be out soon and the name explains the plot of the movie. Since we spoke about Chef, what are your favorite restaurants in India?
Saif: I like Italian, Chinese and Japanese food. In India, Wasabi is good for Japanese food. Royal China closed down recently and I am very sad about it because they used to serve the best Chinese food in town. Olive, Pali Bhavan, Pali Village, and Golden Dragon are also nice. In fact, Bandra has a lot of good places.

RS: How do you think the social media is affecting the film industry and your personal life? And why on earth are you not on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter?
SaifI think it’s a great thing; it has got a lot of advantages. But I just think people are sometimes too involved in it. If I was on social media, I myself would have been too involved in my phone all the time. I want to talk to people, I want to look around, have dinner and talk to them. So many people are always stuck on the phone. I am quite a tech savvy but I don’t know if I can be on Instagram or something. I’d just be thinking what to upload all the time. And I am quite happy with my life without that distraction. One of the worst things that have been happening recently is the trolls getting importance. Everybody has got a voice now and I don’t know if it’s a great thing all the time.

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