Deepika or Priyanka, we love them both!

With both the sultry Bollywood beauties making noise in Hollywood with their many projects and appearances, it sure makes the industry and Indians proud of what they are doing because it sure isn’t easy to break into the tightly guarded and selective place that Hollywood is.

While Priyanka is killing it on her show Quantico, winning awards for it and being a part of movies like Baywatch, Deepika is, too, not lagging behind as he appears in XXX: Return of the Xander Cage.

People are busy comparing the two based on the appearances they are making and the work they are doing like Appearing on Ellen, On James Corden and going to multiple awards shows.

There were definitely people who criticised Priyanka, for everything that she did, when she first newly entered Hollywood and then the murmurs died down. Then came Deepika who is now compared and criticized for not being more like Priyanka. Well, that is strange. People on social have got to have some clarity in mind. And now that we’re dissecting, there is nothing common between the two; not the kind of work they’re doing in the States or the kind of things they’re saying. What is common is their nationality and that is all about it.

So, while we’re at it, take a look at what these pretty ladies have been up to all this while-

On Ellen-

On Talk Shows-

At Award Shows-

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