Most creative Ad campaigns!

The Ad world is now, you’ll agree, crammed and it’s hard nowadays for a campaign to stand out or even if it does, to have a lasting impression. However, the ad world has been witness to certain ads and marketing campaigns in the past that have created a space for them to be still remembered as some of the best. Be it pictorial, with many words or just a couple, they prove that it does not take many words to convey a message!


  1. UCB – Unhate campaign

    unhate campaign

This campaign does not follow the norms of traditional advertising. It does not promote the product nor the brand in a direct way but takes a much unconventional way with its campaign that features a series of images of World leaders kissing or embracing and conveying the undifferentiated and unabandoned message of love.


  1. Absolut


By proving the fact that no matter how boring the product, there is always scope to do something interesting with it is masterfully showcased by Absolut that has been running a very successful and uninterrupted campaign since many years that depicts the Absolut bottle in the surrounding with an adjective that describes the place.


  1. Volkswagen – Think Small Campaign


What is known as a campaign of the Gold standard, Volkswagen tried to change the desirability of small German cars in minds of Americans who fancied only big cars. By sticking to what they really were, the brand, with absolute perfection took the honest message and gave it as is!


  1. Dove – Real beauty


The idea of beauty for many people is different and for most people, self-image is mostly perceived to be negative. The ad that features only women describing themselves to a painter as opposed to a stranger doing the same is very touching and proves to be very successful in passing across a positive message.


  1. Old Spice 


Probably and easily one of the most entertaining ads in the history of ads, the Old Spice series of video ads feature a man rapidly say words and do bizarrely do one fascinating thing after another. And all that, farcically, yet quite frankly works to convey the message,


  1. De Beers – A diamond is forever

    de beers

Diamonds are apparently a parameter to show (compare) the extent of the love of the groom for his bride. This is a worldwide concept nobody knows existing since when. But there was a time when diamonds didn’t stand for anything like this. Enter De Beers that gave birth to this concept and you know the rest.


  1. Nike


A campaign that came out of Nike’s opportunistic move of promoting the brand against what was the only competition (Reebok) at the time, Nike grew into the brand we now know it as thanks to the “Just do it”. It proves the fact that it does not take too many words to convey a message!


  1. Heinz


Nowhere is the product to be seen in the ad but it still reminded us of the thick, fresh consistency of the tasty Heinz ketchup that would be perfect with the absolute delicious junk food in the images. Now that is creativity.

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