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The first Sign that greets you, when you land in Bali is , Welcome to Paradise! I had, in fact, arrived at the only 5-star resort in Kuta – “Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort”. But to be honest, it was really not less than a paradise. It was a 3-day solo trip and obviously, there are too many uncensored memories to be cherished. Sheraton Bali is located next to Beachwalk Shopping Mall and is a luxurious getaway featuring an outdoor pool, elegantly furnished rooms, and impeccable staffs. Comfortable beds? Check. Free WiFi? Check. 24-hour Butler Service? You guessed it, Check! Here I am sharing the censored bytes from my “Oh-So-Wonderful” Bali trip! Let’s get started!


Day 1

As soon as I arrived, I was amazed by the beautiful interior decoration and the combination of colors and the staff gave me a warm and smiling welcome. I directly went to explore ‘the spa service’, which was very reasonably priced for hotels in this class. The quality of the Balinese massage I had after a long journey was superb and a welcome respite from the unpredictable heat outside.

I wanted to start my trip by visiting the very famous Uluwatu Temple but instead I landed up in a lounge called the “Potato Head”. After spending some good time at the lounge, it was time to clean the sins. So, I finally headed back to the temple This breathtakingly beautiful Uluwatu Temple is perched on top of a steep cliff 70 meters above sea level. I even managed a 15-20 minute walk to Waterbom Bali which proved to be an excellent day out on its own. I already had a long day after the long flight with Air Asia which is good if you want to get a good deal. However, it’s a couple of extra hours of flying and remember inside the economy flight you have to buy everything from water to quilt with no screens and No Wi-Fi. A true Budget Airline – Air Asia for you!!

Day 2

The next day, after a huge Buffet which was full of cuisines from different parts of the world I went straight to the Beachfront Mall. I am an unapologetic Shopaholic and trust me, at the Beachfront Mall, you can get anything and everything. I roamed around the beautiful beaches and by sunset I was back to the hotel. This hotel also has an infinity pool and a nice beach view. So, I decided to chill in the hotel itself and planned my dinner at a restaurant based in Sheraton itself, known as the Bene. My holiday basically revolved around lazing on the glorious beach or lying by a pool and a cocktail in hand. Finally, I rented a Bike from the Sheraton which had really fat tyres and did a two hour biking tour exploring the nightlife.

Day 3

The third day I went out for sea surfing just after the breakfast. Tucked within Bali’s powerful waves, lies a unique surfing experience which will bring a smile on the face of beginners and intermediate surfers alike. Kuta is, in fact, the official surf capital of Bali and is also famous for crowded waves, intense night life, and amazingly beautiful beaches. After a whole day of sea surfing, I went to a very famous lounge called the “La-Favila” to unwind. I had a few exotic drinks with munching and now it was time to rush back to the hotel. I packed my bags and was feeling a little low because my holidays were over. But, I had a hell lot of memories to cherish and have all the more reasons to come back again.


InJK T The best thing about this trip was when I spotted something really interesting which caught hold of my techy eyes. It’s basically the Virtual Reality Experience offered by Sheraton Bali. They have named it the “Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort goes to Jakarta with its Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Experience”. I got really excited because this is the first hotel to bring the latest technology offering a virtual reality and augmented reality experience. They are holding an exhibition in Jakarta starting from July 14th – August 13th, 2017. This exhibition is taking place at Plaza Indonesia, East Point where they will showcase Sheraton Bali’s award winning facilities along with Sheraton Signature Sleep Experience and its opulent wedding options.

This whole Virtual Reality Technology Experience is to give the visitors a real-time peek of the luxurious resort. Just at the comfort of being seated in Plaza Indonesia, the audience could see, feel and experience an experimental visual of the 360-degree video that will transport them to an award winning resort.

Yes will come back again and with a big gang now!!

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