Break The Monotony

Monotony is an unavoidable part of our lives. But what causes the monotony? Our attempt to be safe and the familiarity of our comfort zone limits us. So why not break the monotony this year. What would be it be like if we implemented eccentric, fun and interesting decisions? Hence we have a list of unusual ideas that you can implement and experiment with. It’s time to unravel a new version of your ever boring life in front of you!


The population of the world is 7.7 Billion and yet most of us are lonely. But what would happen if we decide to talk to a stranger every week and talk to them? Not that we are aiming for deep conversations but just a hello and how are you can make a drastic difference. How about making the world a better place with our resolutions?


We all have people who disagree with us all the time. After a point it becomes annoying and we start ignoring the person. But have we ever given a thought about the reason for it? No. So why not get to know the mindset of the no? Take out the person who disagrees with you for lunch. This will give you a perspective and maybe help you make a new friend.


With the digital storm taking over, we are always occupied with something. There is rarely any moment when we are not doing anything. This has resulted in our over dependence on social media and there is rarely anything we think of. Hence keep your phone aside and set some time to do nothing. Lack of activity will urge your brain to come up with new ideas. You might open a Pandora’s box in you!


Half the things we don’t do because we fear rejection. But what if we decided to do difficult things only to be rejected. Rejection is painful optimum optimism will not hesitate in experimenting and give your very best.


We have coiled up in our shell at such an extent that we are scared to say yes to anything in our lives. Let’s take a different route. For a month try saying yes to anything that comes to your way. This will expand your horizon and help you push your limits. You will be surprised by your ability to adapt to the challenges and overcoming it.

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