Best Travel Ideas For Everything Extravagant

We do come across different types of travellers like explorers, backpackers, adventure travellers and luxury travellers. Travelling is indeed one of the most hyped business sectors in the world at the moment with luxury travel being at the top of its game! With people around giving us some major travel goals and travel bloggers making us feel dissatisfied with our 9-5 office jobs, almost every one of us want to plan a vacation to feel better. Inarguably, travelling does make you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and happy. There are some destinations in the world that are famous for luxury travels and have some great experiences in store for you, if you can afford them. Whether it’s just an escape with friends, a lavish outing with your family or a romantic getaway, having the right guidance can turn your luxury outing into priceless memories. Exploring these classy destinations, we have got some destinations sorted for you that go way beyond to make your visit wortrh it!


If at all you are a wildlife lover, South Africa is a must visit as it is blessed with great locations and is a biodiversity hotspot without a doubt! You can have some great experiences of wildness but with great luxurious stay! From jumping into the shark-infested water in a cage in Gansbaai, near Cape Town to luxury jungle safaris and game reserves in Madikwe and Tswalu Kalahari or Penguin spotting you have a lot to explore here. You even get an option of hiring a private jet, if you want to travel in class! South Africa has a treasure of activities for everyone while unveiling the natural beauty, rich heritage and with a touch of lavish modern day elegance, it is certainly one of the best luxurious holiday destinations in the world!


This Italian town has practically everything that you ever wanted for a vacation like fascinating landscapes, snow-capped mountains, a coastline, rich culture of art and architecture and most of all, a supreme collection of finest wines of Italy whether you love premium wines, red wines, white wines you will only find the best here. You can also witness the breathtakingly beautiful and worldrenowned vineyards of Tuscany. Tuscany has numerous places to stay that offer your opulence.


If at all you feel like experiencing the royalty of knights and queens, you have got to stay in the luxury hotels of Dubai or Abu Dhabi. World’s two most expensive hotels are in Dubai – Burj-al Arab, Al Qasr, Desert resort and Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. As a matter of fact, most luxury hotels have classy and large rooms, exceptional services, exotic food and much more, that you will just fall in love with them. Undoubtedly, both these cities of UAE can charm anyone with great architecture, Abundance of gold that you can find embedded in public places and to shop as well, theme parks and everything seems so posh!


Enormous cruises are available today that can take you on a luxury ride and lets you witness some of the best places to travel in the world. Some of the best world cruise options that offer you great extravagant experiences are: Cunard, Queen Elizabeth, Silversea, crystal cruises etc. and are mostly booked way in advance. The costs for these can go as far as you can imagine with some ultra-luxurious suites, ultimate dining privileges, spacious area and lot more. The best part is you get to visit major places across the globe and if you have the time and money, this would definitely be once in a lifetime experience.


Though northern lights in itself are something you should witness before you die but luxury travellers just like to keep it stylish everywhere! Wouldn’t it be great if you sleep under the sky admiring the astonishing Northern Lights and staying in an Igloo? Yes, that’s is possible thanks to KakslauttanenArctic Resort, Finland which is located in in the SaariselkäFell region of Finnish Lapland and have Igloos with thermal glass so that you can watch the northern lights while enjoying a cosy stay in an Ice room or Igloo. The resort has facilities like sauna, fireplace in the igloos, restaurants and safari options as well. Whether you like adventure, romantic or family getaways, you would enjoy every bit of your stay in these igloos.


The south of France is the destination for you if you just want to appreciate the beauty of nature and experience a stylish country-inns and gourmet delights. Needless to say, you will fall in love with the place at the very first glance. The surreal beauty of this place with pink flamingos, white horses, landscapes are straight out of some fairy tale. Though south of France has world-class museums, feel of Jazz around, spa spots, farmhouses but what you would love the most is the fact that this place has an element of Poise. You would just love to feel the place and get relaxed.


For quite some time now, Spain has been one of the best tourist destinations and why not, cities like Madrid, Seville, Barcelona are world-class cities that top the checklist of all kinds of travellers. Spain is famous for its diverse culture, beaches, Roman architecture, dance & music and of course, great food and wine! The food and wine do need a special mention as you can try anything from local joints to grand eateries and restaurants, you will absolutely relish every meal. With that kind of combination, it would be unfair if we don’t put it in our list of best luxury escapes. The world is full of amazing places to visit but the toughest part of going on a vacation is “planning”, where to go, what to do etc. with our small and shortlisted bucket list of luxury travel destinations and ideas, the major part is mostly sorted out. All you have to do is, make the bookings, pack your bag and experience the best of the best!


Synonymous to luxury when it comes to vacations, Maldives has the best accommodations to offer from Water villas, suites to some of the best spas, you can satiate your whims and fancies for a luxury escape here. Maldives is like a dream destination, especially for honeymooners! These coral islands with white sands and beautiful underwater life, are just perfect if you want to get away from your busy lives and repose.


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